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The impact of water extracts of marsh cudweed (Gnaphalium uliginosum L.) on early grow of selected vegetable seeds from norticultural crops

The impact of water extracts of marsh cudweed (
Gnaphalium uliginosum
on early grow of selected vegetable seeds from horticultural crops
1*Department of Plant Physiology, 2Department of Botany , Instytute of Biology, Pedagogical University of Cracow, Podchorazych 2 St., 30-084 Cracow
3Ojcow National Park, Ojców 9, 32-045 Sułoszowa
4 Department of Botany , Jagiellonian University, Kopernika 27 St., 31-501 Cracow
5Faculty of Agriculture and Economics, University of Agriculture in Cracow, A. Mickiewicza 21 Ave., 31-120 Cracow
Katarzyna Możdżeń1*, Beata Barabasz-Krasny2, Anna Sołtys-Lelek3, Alina Stachurska-Swakoń4, Joanna Puła5
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of water extracts
from the dry aerial parts marsh cudweed (
G. uliginosum
) on the cucumber
Cucumis sativus
L. cv. 'Grot F1') and lettuce (
Lactuca sativa
L. cv. 'Maryna')
Material and methods:
The cucumber and lettuce seeds were exposed the water extracts from the
marsh cudweed (
G. uliginosum)
about concentrations percents: 5, 10, 15.
We checked the germination, growth, fresh and dry mass and water content of
seedlings .
Statistical analyses were carried out using homogenity of variance Levene test
and then a Kruskal-Wallis test
Marsh cudweed often grows as a field weed in quite damp, clay-rich land. It has adapted well to life as a field weed: its seeds are able to ripen
just before threshing time and autumn ploughing, and the land makes a good seed-bank until the following summer. During spring ploughing some
of the seeds end up buried deep in the earth, but others rise up to take their place. The achenes have flying hairs and are sticky and so move
efficiently to new habitats. Unlike members of the
family marsh cudweed is dicotyledonous, meaning that it has two cotyledons when it
begins to grow. This is significant to the farmer because monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants are repelled by different chemicals, and
marsh cudweed can be prevented from running amok by weedkiller. The most handsome stands usually grow beside ditches and roads. Marsh
cudweed’s abundant seed production increases the amount of hereditary mutations and helps it adapt to changing conditions, which is very
important for an annual plant in an unstable environment.
Water extracts completely inhibit the germination and growth of lettuce seeds
5% extract stimulates germination of cucumber seeds and extracts more than 10% have inhibitory
effect compared to the control seeds
10 and 15% water extracts decrease growth of the cucumber seedlings roots and have no effect on
the growth of the aerial parts compared to the germinating seedlings on distilled water
The fresh mass of seedlings growth on water extracts of 5% increase compared to the control
The extracts did not influence of dry mass and percentage of water content
Due to the complete inhibition of germination and growth of lettuce seeds results are shown only for cucumber
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