Selecting New Members for the Clinic’s Staff: The Search for New Talents

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Selecting a new member to be a part of a staff is a task that requires much skill, technique, and creativity. From recruitment to selection, all stages are important. The choosing of the candidate will bring its essential contribution to the growth and success or not of a health service, thus being a crucial choice for defining the service’s performance. The choosing of a candidate is based on the premise that the future behavior of this new employee will be the one the clinic needs and is searching for. In this case, we are talking about predicting the future, and this is a task of great dimension that requires high levels of technical preparation, to be accomplished. The employee of a clinic is the connecting point between the client and the doctor. Through this person occurs great part of the communication process between the doctor and the patient, especially in the cases of scheduling of consultations, exams, and procedures. It obviously cannot be resumed to only that, since the work of these professionals is complex and involves a great amount of diverse tasks that make the functioning of the health service possible. The complexity of a selection process will depend on the availability of resources that the health service has to offer. In small- and average-sized clinics, the technique used most is the interview. This is, surely, a highly used technique, but it needs to be prepared well to be conducted correctly and to really show results that help in best choosing among candidates. For this to happen, it is necessary to have the interview occurring in steps and taking the necessary measures to the correct development and application of the technique.

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you can request a copy directly from the author.

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