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Benefit distribution mechanism of swap trailer transport alliance

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Establishing a fair and reasonable benefit distribution mechanism is of great significance to promote the development of the swap trailer transport alliance. According to the specific characteristics of swap trailer transport, the two-stage benefit distribution plan based on the classical Shapley value is established. Numerical analysis shows that benefit distribution model is more accordance with the income expectancy of the enterprises after second correction. The benefit distribution plan is more reasonable, and alliance members can obtain more satisfactory income.

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The implementation of supply chain management is an effective way to increase the building efficiency of the shipbuilding industry. Formulating a practical, fair and reasonable profit distribution scheme is the key to establish a cooperation relationship between shipbuilding enterprises. This paper details the corresponding research results from related fields, focusing on steel supply enterprises, segmented manufacturing enterprises and shipbuilding enterprises as the research subjects. The idea and method of the improved model of partner profit allocation which is based on the Shapley-value is discussed. Finally, an example is given to demonstrate the rationality and practicability of the developed method. The research conclusion is reasonable in theory, applicable in practice, and is able to distribute earnings fairly among shipbuilding supply chain members. The conclusion has reference value for allowing the member enterprises to promote the efficiency of cooperation, which will bring economic growth and provide social benefits.
In order to scientific and reasonable distribute the benefits of sharing project of energy management contract, to provide the basis for accurate management policy, and to promote the development of energy management and energy service industry contract, in the guidance of comprehensive evaluation theory, we analyzed the principle of sharing energy project management contract, designed a benefits distribution process, established a system of benefits allocation index, and built a benefit allocation model using the analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. Through the actual engineering application, we proved the feasibility and maneuverability of the method. The results show that the method could accurately calculate the participation benefits distribution lines and provide a basis for management decisions.
We propose a patent portfolio-based approach for assessing potential R&D partners that can consider the inter-partner resource fit in the assessment process. The concept of an integrated patent portfolio is suggested and its value is designed to reflect the resource fit between potential R&D partners. The Shapley value is applied to assess the contribution of each potential partner to the value of the integrated patent portfolio. A case study of a lighting control system is presented to show the feasibility and advantages of our method. Overcoming the weakness of individual capability-focused evaluation of potential R&D partners, our method can better inform decision makers and experts in the partner selection process by enabling more comprehensive assessment of potential R&D partners.
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