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Urban Oman Exhibition Panel 8 - Settlement Pattern Fanja



HOUSE TYPES IN RURAL-TO- URBAN AREAS URBAN AREAS House types in the rural areas studied in Fanja have undergone different changes during the phases of transformation. The process of transformation of housing types in Fanja for instance can be traced in phases A-D. The initial type of traditional mud-building has been analyzed in detail in studies on oasis settlements. The traditional house was adapted to the given physical condition of the site and responded to particular family’s needs. It might have been altered several times, differing in size and quality of construction according to the family’s capacities and importance in the village. Plots also differed in size and shape and were mostly built up in a way that the space in between the buildings formed the open space for access, and other outdoor related neighborhood activities. The buildings were built detached, shade and cooling was created by narrow passages. Thick mud brick walls, small windows and wind catching el- ements created a comfortable climate indoors.
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