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Urban Oman Exhibition Panel 14 - Research Contributors



Prof. Dr. Sonja Nebel (Gutech) Principle Investigator Focus: urban development and management Dr. Sonja Nebel graduated from RWTH Aachen / Germany. She earned her PhD at the same university. Sonja has been teaching for more than 25 years at different universities in Europe and in Arab Countries in the field of urban design, urban planning and urban conservation. Sonja has focused for many years on cross cultural and interdisciplinary scientific research on urbanization and housing, such as: „Urbanization processes and transforming housing patterns“, (Zambia, Bolivia, Thailand), „Informal Housing“ (Syria), „Megacities – Megachallenge: Informal Dynamics of Global Change“ (China). Furthermore, she works as a consultant within the international development cooperation in the field of urban development and urban management, sustainable urban conservation, strategic and participatory planning. Assist. Prof. M. Arch. Aurel von Richthofen (GUtech) Co-Investigator Focus: urban modeling and simulation, conference organization and publication Aurel von Richthofen grew up in Berlin and Geneva. He studied architecture at ETH Zurich and Princeton University earning two professional degrees in architecture. He is a registered architect in Germany and Switzerland. Aurel taught architecture at The Ohio State University in the United States from 2007-2009. From 2010-2014, he was assistant professor at GUtech teaching Architecture and Computer Aided Design. Since 2013 he is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism at TU Braunschweig. Since 2014 he is the Module Coordinator at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. His various projects can be seen here: Prof. Dr. Awni Shabaan (SQU) Co-Principle Investigator Focus: climate responsive urban development and design Dr. Awni Shabaan earned his PhD at Texas A&M University. He holds a Master Degree from the University of California. Awni taught at various universities from Bagdad to Bahrain before joining Sultan Qaboos University. He is Professor of Architecture with long-standing experience in solar design, climatic modelling with special emphasis on the Environmental Impact on Architecture in Yemen. He has an impressive record of practical architectural projects as well as scientific publications. Prof. Dr. Alaa Mandour (SQU) Co-Investigator Focus: planning law, building regulations, urban design Dr. Alaa Mandour earned his PhD at Cairo University and holds two Master Degrees from MIT and Cairo University. His academic experience includes teaching courses on architectural programming, design methods and theories, his courses place emphasis on recent developments in architecture and urbanism in different contexts, typological transformations in traditional architecture / urban spaces, sustainable design processes, assessing designed environments from users‘ perspective, and diversity in urban spaces. Contributors Dipl. Ing. Anne Eaton (RWTH Aachen) Focus: rural development and planning, feld studies, surveys, head of exhibition team M. Arch. Hamad Al Gharibi (Ministry of Housing), Research Assistant Focus: surveys, field studies, governance and planning B. Arch. Haitham Al Busafi, Research Technician Focus: mapping, visualization, publication lay-out B. Arch. Maryam Zargar Yaghoubi, Research Assistant Focus: sustainable urbanism, analysis and data processing, conference assistant B. Arch. Aysha Farooq, Research Technician Focus: publication lay-out M. Sc. Sara Mohamed Abdelaal, Research Technician Focus: research assistance, mapping, analysis and data processing B. Sc. Sebastian Langer, Geographer Focus: urban geography, GIS mapping B. Sc. Rafal Korzeniewski, Computer Science Focus: Conference Website Programming Ahmed Al Amri, Talal Al Omairi, Aysha Farooq, Rania Ezzat, Nushrat Jahan, Romana Othman, Ruaa El Zain, Maysai Al Mandhari, Maryam Al Taei, Talal Al Haremi, Kinan Marei; Student Technical Assistants (GUtech) 2010 — 2013 Focus: assisting field work, mapping, interviews Consultants: Dr. Marike Bontenbal GUtech Focus: Urban Geography Dr. Claudia Kruschwitz RWTH Aachen Focus: Urban Infrastructure Dr. Astrid Ley TU Berlin Focus: Urban Governance Dr. Slim Zekry SQU Focus: Economy and Agriculture Hassan Al Salmi, Asst. D.G of Town Planning at Ministry of Housing Focus: Urban Planning and Governance Alessia Pegorin, M. Arch Focus: Mapping, analytical drawings, urban design Riccardo del Fabbro, M. Arch Focus: Mapping, analytical drawings, urban design Independent studies and design projects: Sara Mohamed Abdelaal, Carolina Hernandez, Sam Soloman TU Berlin M. Sc. Candidates 2013 Sandra Schilling, Stephie Pfenninger ETH Zurich Dipl.-Arch. Candidates 2013 Julia Haun, Elvir Kastrati, Aleksandar Klisarov, Polina Nyagolova, Roman Claudio Schmitt, Linda Joana Merk, Zubair Roia Zabuly, Sofiya Vancheva RWTH Aachen M. Sc. / Dipl.-Ing. Candidates, 2014
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