International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment (3rd ICSAE) has been organized
in Warsaw, Poland at September 26-28, 2016.
Our meeting in International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment is aimed to provide a
platform for researchers and academics as well as practicing professionals from all over the world, to present
their research and professional development activities in agriculture, environment, food and other related
subjects. This conference series have an effort to identify the ideas, practices and policies that constitute our
concept of sustainable agriculture. We are doing this activity for two reasons:
1) to clarify the research agenda and priorities of our goal, and
2) to suggest to others practical steps that may be appropriate for them in moving toward sustainable
agriculture. Because the concept of sustainable agriculture is still evolving and we intend the publish not as a
definitive or final statement, but as an invitation to continue our dialogue.
Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals Environmental health, Economic profitability, and
Social and economic equity. A variety of philosophies, policies and practices have contributed these goals.
People in many different capabilities, from farmers to consumers, have shared this vision and contributed.
Despite the diversity of people and perspectives, the following themes commonly weave through definitions
of sustainable agriculture.
At this conference, there are 190 papers submission from 27 different countries. Each paper proposal was
evaluated by two reviewers and 120 papers will be presented at this conference. We would like to thank to
all our conference committees as well as to Prof. Dr Lilianna Jabłońska, Dr Bożena Nosecka, MSc.,
Eng. Łukasz Zaremba and MSc. Anna Bugała.
We are sure that, 3rd ICSAE will be the flagship conference for researchers, students and professionals in the
areas of related to Agriculture & Environment. Their applications have benefits from our counties to all over
the world to disseminate their research advancements and discoveries. Our ideas will be network and
exchange in order to straighten existing partnership and foster new collaborations.
Submitted papers will be reviewed by the conference scientific committee after conference and evaluate to
publish. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding book. Selected papers based on
the quality will be transferred to publish in following the journals below:
1. Selcuk Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences ( x )
2. Journal of International Environmental Application & Science (
3. Journal of Selcuk University Natural & Applied Science (
4. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconom (
5. Open Agriculture Journal (
The proceeding book containing all submitted accepted papers will be distributed at conference official WEB
page for scientist and other interested people after the conference program.
Looking forward to see you in next ICSAE conference that will be announced in our official WEB
page soon. Please do not hesitate to inform us with your suggestions for the next ICSEA conference.
Dr. Mithat Direk
Editor in Chief
On behalf the Organizing Committee

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