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The large-scale research program involved the use of a multi-method design that was comprised of two concurrent and interrelated investigations. The first (Part A) investigated the development and validation of the two instruments, one to assess students’ perceptions of the learning environment and another to assess their attitudes and academic self-efficacy beliefs.

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... In fact, a key dispositional factor, emerging from the literature that serves to enhance or inhibit student retention is their satisfaction with their course experience [13,14]. This process of listening to student voices is also a key way to carry out teacher action research [15] which is a very important kind of education research that is especially valuable for demonstrating and evaluating classroom practices and linking theory and research to practice [16]. ...
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Students can validly comment on the quality of teaching as they directly experience it and their comments are important to evaluate the nature and quality of educational interventions. The purpose of this paper is to consider student voices regarding practical instruction offered in a Mechanical Engineering laboratory, as this may indicate student satisfaction with the course material. An exploratory study is employed along with descriptive statistics involving quantitative analysis of the collected data. The target population is restricted to undergraduate engineering students enrolled during 2014, who completed a questionnaire survey using an electronic response system. Results indicate that the students perceived the practical experiments conducted in a laboratory to be enjoyable, beneficial, challenging and relevant to the theory covered in a classroom. These results further suggest that students are being exposed to practical work that may contribute to the development of practical skills and graduate attributes required of students to add value to the socio-economic development of South Africa.
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