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Trends in high-technologic industries development in Russia

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The article are devoted to the aspects of high technologic industries specification in economy are studied, analyzes dynamics of main results of their activities in modern world and Russian economy. The main problems of operation and development of high technology and science-intensive industries development in Russia are defined, the recommendation on their solution are given. The conclusion is made that high technology branches in the Russian statistics are evaluated using understated parameters.

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... On the other hand, with the help of this technological development, alternative distribution channels such as ATM and internet banking can become more useful (Dinçer et al., 2019e). This will make the banks preferable to the customers (Vozková and Teplý, 2018;Kasımoğlu et al., 2016;Litvintseva and Gakhova, 2016). Furthermore, the use of alternative distribution channels will reduce the burden on the branches of banks (Tadeu et al., 2019;Yüksel et al., 2015). ...
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This study aims to evaluate the competitiveness in European banking industry. For this purpose, 5 European countries, which have the highest GDP, are considered in this study that are Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. Moreover, 6 different criteria are selected based on the literature review. Fuzzy AHP method is considered to understand the significance of the dimensions and criteria. On the other side, fuzzy TOPSIS model is used to rank these 5 European countries according to competitiveness in the banking industry. The findings show that low cost is the most significant criterion for this condition. In addition to this issue, it is also concluded that Germany and France are on the first ranks regarding the competitiveness in the banking industry. Hence, it is recommended that European banks should firstly concentrate on the cost effectiveness in order to increase the competitive power. In this framework, a detailed analysis should be conducted to understand which cost types are greater in comparison with the others. Hence, it can be possible to minimize the costs of the banks so that these banks can offer lower prices to their customers. This situation has a positive impact on the competitive power of the banks.
... Russian Statistics attributes the manufacture of computers and electronic and optical devices to hightech manufacturing. The manufacture of electrical equipment, machine-tools for material processing, special purpose machines, transport vehicles, trailers, and semitrailers, as well as other transportation means and equipment is attributed to medium-tech manufacturing of a high level [2]. ...
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Machine building is a leading industry in advanced countries. It provides many industries with machines and equipment as it is the main link in the system of intersectoral linkages. Thus, it secures full employment for highly skilled employees, promotes the growth of the level of educational background of the population and contributes to the development of the scientific and technological potential of the country. However, underinvestment in innovation technologies and processes, a limited character of the import substitution model and an insufficient support of the export model greatly hinder rapid and effective development of the machine-building industry. Specific peculiarities of the machine building development such as R&D intensity, labor intensity, and metal intensity, a need in cooperation and consumer orientation influence their geographic location.
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