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The present article problematizes the scientific structure of the relatively recent sub-field scientifically coined as “media management”. Concretely, the manuscript is displayed around the critical reflection of what I conceptualize as F.A.T.I., that is, four structural interrelated dimensions that configure the “spiritus” of its form: (1) Field, (2) Autonomy, (3) technepractical domination and (4) Identity. The F.A.T.I, which is normally portrayed as template for good scholarship, is configured in this essay as a comfort academic zone in which a series of dispositions, practices and socialized habitus by the media management consortia obstruct and jeopardize alternative intellectual dispositions and modus of scientific discovery and verification. I propose the concept of transcendence-breaking as strategy of individual and disciplinarian emancipation of the structural ideological statu quo. I suggest three versions: theoretical-breaking, functional-breaking and, more ambitiously, epistemological-breaking.
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