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Article "Elements of Life" offers a hypothesis about the relationship of the phenomenon of traditional Chinese medicine with the physical laws. It shows the principle of forming a sequence of daily activity of the acupuncture meridians as a consequence of the Doppler effect in the process of flowing around the planet Earth by cosmic wind (by Ether). In accordance with this specification the daily structure of meridians had been built. It is suggested that the essence of the Chinese Qi (Chi) are vibrations of a certain range in the medium. Consequently, it became possible to set the interrelation of frequencies of the visible spectrum with certain meridians. It is shown that the topological relationship of ancient (barrier) points of the Five Elements (Wu-Shu points) are associated with the wave lengths of the so-called Qi. It is shown also that the essence of the Wu-Xing law is based on daily circulation patterns of meridians. The examples of the surrounding world, including pulses processes in the human body, are confirming the above mentioned theses. A correlation diagram between the main elements by Dr. Samohotsky A.S. (dissertation "The experience of the definition of medical laws", 1946) and the Five Elements of traditional Chinese philosophy is established. The above represented hypotheses are yet introduced in practice in form of pulse spectral analysis system.
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The Elements of Life
Sergey Fedotov
Pulse Academy
Saint-Petersburg branch
May 15, 2016
Rivized edition of "Cosmic mechanism of life" dated September 07, 2014
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Table of Contents
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0 Foreword 3
1 Primary elements of physics: Space and its contents 4
2 Properties of the Space 5
3 Properties of the Aether 6
4 Influence of the Aether of different density at the
biochemical reactions
5 Origin of the Primary Elements of Traditional Chinese
Medicine (TCM). Daily cycle of the Elements sequence 15
6 Association of vibrations of meridians with the energy of 6
Qi. 23
7 Analysis of Qi dynamics 27
8 Additional evidences of the Doppler principle in the
Primary elements formation. 29
9 Macroelements of Dr. Samokhotsky 31
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Modern official medicine is in crisis - this fact is known for a long time to many
professionals. The huge amount of knowledge about the processes in the living
body is accumulated, but our centenarians live for as long as thousands of years
ago. There are still incurable diseases that kill even representatives of medicine
at the same way just like ordinary folk.
Researchers in medical science resemble a flea on an elephant's body. Each flea
examines some minor detail and pays almost no attention to what the others are
doing around. It is doubtful that such quantitative approaches can be
transformed into quality. Even trillions of fleas on the elephant will not be able
to understand what they are dealing in a whole with.
It is required a different approach, allowing to change the perspective of the
study review arbitrarily, in accordance with the current needs either to observe
the elephant as a whole system, or as a part, or microscopically in a local order,
as it is occurring now days.
This article is the result of a rather long reflection and research in area of pulse
spectral analysis, searching for the supporting evidence of models and ideas.
Briefly, now facts clearly indicate the absolute dependence of life processes on
Earth from cosmic events and it can be explained by the theories of old Physics
of 19-th century.
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A blink of the cosmic eye
And what does it see?
I'll promise neither you or me.
With gravity at our feet its destiny we meet
Grounded to the earth like we're blind from birth
We were never meant to really see
The full beauty of the Galaxies
A spectrum of colors
Rain a bow of feelings
Black holes swallowing
Dark twisted healings
Sun's shining moon
Guide our night to light
Reminding us to fight each fight.
© Stephanie Nicole
1. Primary elements of physics: Space and its contents
Catching up solving a mystery of the life it is impossible to ignore such science
as physics (from the ancient Greek φύσις - nature). In fact, we have to study the
properties of the Universe (Cosmos) - the largest (unlimited size) object we can
image, which itself includes everything that exists. The recognition of the
existence of such object, which includes most everything that can exist, is a
contradictory statement. Indeed - where is the Cosmos itself is located?
In addition, the vastness of Cosmos is difficult to grasp. The whole experience
of life suggests that everything has its limits, that any event here has always a
beginning and an end. However, to achieve practical results that will help us to
improve the life, we can accept the postulate of the infinitude of Cosmos, and
put this principle to the base of our theory. After all, if we compare the size of
our earthly world with the scale of the cosmos, from a practical point of view,
the immensity of space should be allowed.
And, certainly, our theories we have to check by practice.
Further, in terms of research methodology, we rely on the principle of "Occam's
Razor" - to explain the phenomena and events of Nature must be used a
minimum of objects and rules. This methodological approach is fully in line
with the natural principle of least action. In nature always wins the process that
in order to achieve
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maximum results will spend a minimum of energy. In other words - it's
principle of optimum - the principle of the necessity and sufficiency - the water
always flows to the direction where it is easier to flow, nobody will scratch his
(her) right ear with left hand with no reason, and so on.
Any study and any science are based on certain number of axioms and
postulates - statements that do not require proof. In our study, we use the
postulate of genius Rene Descartes "In the Universe there is nothing but Aether
and its vortexes."
Descartes postulate fully comply with the principle of "Occam's Razor",
because it contains only two components which are composition of all things.
These two components are the scene - Cosmos, and the actor - Aether on the
stage. With the help of this scene and actor the Nature is playing the whole
Cosmic grand spectacle which is represented in the smallest details of vast
multiplicity of processes and phenomena. The presence of only two above
mentioned components of all things is completely analogous to the semantic
concepts of Yin and Yang of Oriental philosophy. In our case we can name
Cosmos (Space) as a Yang (the Form) which is filled with Yin - Aether (the
2. Properties of the Space
Space, as a measure of length has two fundamental properties:
The first property of the Space - it has three-dimensional measurements - via
the intersection of two perpendicular lines, you can draw only one single line
that is perpendicular to the both intersecting lines. It means that at any number
of operating forces near the given point of intersection of 3 lines can be reduced
just to three mutually perpendicular INDEPENDENT forces.
The three-dimensional measurement of the Space is reflected in the physical
phenomena, such as follow:
- The ancient Indian philosophy of the theory of the three doshas (Pita, Kapha,
Vata) postulates the necessity and sufficiency of only three active principles in
the human body;
- The result of the reaction of two chemicals will be different depending on the
acidity status of the medium;
- The electromagnetic energy vector of Umov-Poynting is orthogonal to both
the electric potential and the magnetic vector and so on.
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With the help of three perpendicular lines intersecting at one point of the Space
it is possible to specify uniquely the coordinates of any point by values the three
distances from the point of intersection of three lines (the center of coordinates
system) as orthogonal projections on the lines of system of coordinates:
Fig. 1. Coordinate System of the Space. The center of the System
can be any point of the Space, but if the point is selected it should be taken
for all further calculation to save the continuity of the data.
The description of physical processes through the space of the other dimension
has a specific character (zero, one and two-dimensional space). In case more
higher then three dimensions the description serves for calculation of some
artificial mathematical models (four, five or more spaces) and up to our opinion
it has no relations to real physical processes (in fact it is violation of “Occam’s
Razor” principles).
The second property of the Space is isotropy - when the conditions for
movement towards any direction of the Space are not dependent on the space
3. Properties of the Aether
Aether, as a material substance consists of super small uniform particles, which
have an absolute elasticity in collisions with each other and move at the same
and constant speed.
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The Aether, as well as the Space, has two main characteristics:
The first peculiarity is due to the properties of the Aether's particles to interact
elastically. It provides the endless moving and everlasting changes in the
Universe, which was fixed in the great book of Chinese philosophy - the Book
of Changes (I-Ching). That infinitude movement represents the Energy itself -
the force of countless particles of the Aether has no restrictions in the Universe
(against any force there is more powerful force). However, each particle of the
Aether has equal and permanent speed in comparing with other particles. The
speed of the sole particle of the Aether is a single quant of Energy in our
Universe. Exactly this peculiarity of the Aether gives the opportunity to
physicists to create quantum theories.
During the equal period of time, all particles of the Aether proceed the same
distance. It means that the time has similarity to the Space - from the one hand
time can be estimated by measuring of the traveled distance and from the other
hand the distance may be predicted by the measuring of the time. It is obvious
that this property of Aether in the Space was used by the famous mathematician
Hermann Minkowski to create the theory of a pseudo-Euclidean space, where
the time is the fourth dimension (The Minkowski space is the base of Einstein's
relativity theory). However, up to the opinion of the Author of this study, no
real physical processes have relations to the Minkowski's space and it is only a
method to record the trajectory of the objects in three dimensional space over
the time.
Fig. 2. The set of points on the trajectory is the Minkowski’s Space. Possibly the
Minkowski’s Space was introduced to hide the common sense.
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The Time phenomenon is a consequence of properties of the uniform motion
of the Aether's particles and therefore - it is dependent on the parameter of the
Space. That is actually the Space contains Time and therefore the Time itself
can not play a role of the axis of coordinate in principle. It is only value of
distance has the matter. For a definite size its own time will flow. There is no
practical reason to measure processes of Galactic motion by scale of life term of
Drosophila fly.
The second property of the Aether is non-uniform distribution of particles in
the Space. There are constantly changing sizes of the regions with high and low
density of Aether's particles. Irregular distribution of the Aether in the Space
generates Space anisotropy. The theory of relativity postulating the isotropy of
medium (where the speed of light is declared as a constant) has rather weak
relations with true reality.
Fig. 3. Stars sky shows visually the inequality distribution of Energy - Matter in the
The more particles are placed per a unit of volume, there is higher pressure of
the Aether (the number of collisions between particles increases), and the
higher energy level has a place (the amount of motion also rises). From this
point of view - Black hole - is such a region of the Space where many motion
vectors are spontaneously directed towards a single point. When the maximum
concentration of particles will be achieved, the Aether's particles under the
influence of the predominance of the elastic forces start moving to the regions
with low density of the particles.
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Aether sparseness occurs in the Space, the pressure is reduced. During the time
local micro spaces with more or less equal distribution of density, can
spontaneously form rectangular lattices of flashing nodes (nodes have
permanent regular changes of density of the Aether). This type of construction
of the crystal lattice is the most natural for the three-dimensional space
(significant inequality in the Space will lead to other types of crystal lattices
reflecting the shape of irregularity). The distance between the nodes of a
rectangular lattice will depend on the average density of the Aether in given
area of the Space:
Fig. 4. Lattice with nodes high and low density. In a half of period of density oscillation
large balls decrease to small but small become large.
The measure of the Aether density is determined by the average distance
between particles at given volume of the Space. For the neighborhood of the
Earth's surface, where the observation by terrestrial physics is possible, the
mean range of the Aether particles before a collision with another particle is
within the Planck's wave length and it is equal to 1,616199(97)·10−35 meter.
Ongoing process of formation and decay of black holes produces between them
and the "white" holes laminar flows of the Aether. When two laminar flows are
encountered, the wide varieties of sizes of Descartes vortices are created. The
longest-lived type of the Aether vortex has form of toroid. As an example of the
toroid formation is transmission of the smoke by smoker.
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Fig. 5. The toroid formation process.
Everything is composed of toroids of different sizes - from elementary particles,
electrons, atoms to planets, stars and galactic areas. As they say - all products
are from the same cloth
4. Influence of the Aether of different density at the biochemical reactions
While the concentration of the Aether particle is increased in the Space, the
process of formation of regular structure starts automatically. Upon reaching high
density, the Aether always consists of a crystalline structure (section 3 in Fig. 6)
which ensures maximum accommodation number of particles at given volume.
Fig. 6. Compaction of the Aether particles.
Hypothetically, the Space has a certain average density of ether particles. This is
so-called zero energy level in Universe. The volume with an excess of the
Aethereal particles creates excess energy potential, which always seeks ways to
neutralize the area with deficiency of particles.
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If we focus our attention on the level of atoms of chemical elements, we should
learn their base element - proton. It is suggested the proton is accelerating vortex of
definite size. Due to centrifugal effect acceleration causes low inner compression
of Aether and vortexes exist as a point with permanent tendency to absorb the
Aether to compensate deficiency of pressure.
There are also vortexes with inhibition of their rotation. In this case such vortexes
are in process of decay due to necessity to emanate the excessive portion of the
It is suggested the decaying vortexes are electrons (possibly it is decayed vortex of
These above described processes form flows of the Aether from electrons towards
protons - the suction force come into existence. When the electron approaches the
proton vortex, the centrifugal forces compensate the force of the suction and
electron is stabilizing at definite orbit around the proton.
The suction forces of atoms of chemical elements are determined by the electro
negativity factor. This factor indicates - how many electrons must be attracted to
atom to reach the neutral condition in comparing with the Aether's surroundings.
The higher imbalance of the Aether density causes the more powerful reactivity of
chemical elements.
Fig. 7. Possible model of the hydrogen. Black lines are flows of the Aether and inside this
flow there is electron.
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At last, let's go to see how all above described processes made their influences at
the living organisms.
Deficiency or excess of electrons in the volume of the body affects the parameters
of the redox potential and acid-base balance (the importance of these parameters in
metabolism is generally accepted and recognized). At the case of deficiency of
electrons at the given volume, Fluorine, Oxygen or Chlorine are capable to detach
them from any substrate in the body. It is dramatically increasing the rate of free
radical oxidation to such an intensity that instead of carbohydrates and fats the
protein structures will "burn", causing irreversible damage to normal cells. That is
why an excess of oxidative processes can be suppressed by the aeration by
Chizhevsky's chandelier or by grounding the foot.
If there is an excess of electrons at medium, electro negativity of halogens and
oxygen will be compensated and the body at the expense of previously stored
energy will initiate the restoration of cellular structures.
Understanding the crucial role of the electrons in the body we can estimate the
effect of metabolic changes at different density of the Aether concentration in the
- The density of the Aether is increased. Protons received additional rotation
impetus to accelerate the process of capturing of the Aether to compensate the
increased pressure. At the same time, the Aether inflow expels electrons (electrons
themselves emit Aether), the quantitative equilibrium is shifted toward the
predominance of protons and, accordingly - the medium becomes acidified. The
activity of the chemical elements - oxidizers (oxygen, fluorine, and chlorine) is
sharply enhanced. It means the phase of the Aether excess pressure corresponds to
the processes of catabolism - burning of nutrient substrate for energy that is
required for the body and partially is saved for future needs.
Metabolism is closely associated with weather condition - when there is good
shiny condition - the Aether pressure is high, all living organisms feel excess of
vital energy and spend an active life.
- The density of the Aether is dropped. At the reduced pressure the proton
vortices begin to slow down and give up electrons easily. The volume freed by the
Aether, replaced by free electrons and light molecules. The medium become
alkaline. Free electrons compensate the action of halogens and oxygen. Reduced
rate of oxidative processes activate recovery processes, the energy saved at
previous catabolic phase is taken to cover recovery needs.
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The low density of the Aether accompanies the bad rainy weather - the medium
is filled with molecules and electrons (in the atmosphere the water molecules
predominant). All living organisms usually try to conduct less active lifestyle.
Thus, the regular, periodic change in the density of the Aether in space creates the
conditions for the flow of metabolic processes in living organisms in the form of a
permanent sequence anabolic-catabolic phases:
Fig. 8. Rotation of metabolic phases goes synchronically with changes
of the Aether’s pressure in the environment.
At biophysical level the Aether's pressure fluctuations are reflected at living
organism in from of changes of geometric dimensions of the structures of the body.
Volumes of fluids, blood, cells, compartments and other smaller hierarchical
structures down to separate conglomerates of molecules change their sizes
cyclically. These changes are accompanied by regular oscillations of medium
acidity and redox potential (absence of pH and redox potential oscillation means
death). Due to the fact that 60-80% of the body consists of the water, there are
cyclical transient processes of liquids in structures of organism between conditions
of gel and sol.
Sol phase corresponds to the alkaline shift of pH of liquid at a high pressure of the
Aether and on the background of electrons deficiency when geometric size of
molecules in the space is decreased. Such condition inside cells accompanies
active catabolic processes when the cell preparing to contraction and produce DNA
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Gel phase is accompanied with elevation of acidity in liquids, there is the
deficiency of Aether pressure and excess of electrons, geometric size molecules is
increased. The transition to this phase is determined by of active physical
contraction and utilization of substrates stored at previous Sol phase. During gel
phase the cell actively absorbs oxygen and produce anabolic work.
A living organism differs from non-living object by existence of free volition. The
volition gives the opportunity for living organism to initiate catabolic processes at
any period independently of the Aether pressure (certainly, catabolic work will be
less effective at anabolic period with low density of Aether pressure). The free will
allows to the living organism move, search for food or escape from the danger at
the time, when it is required for vital needs and survival. The accumulation of such
energy is made through the use of microscopic cycles of cellular metabolism,
stimulated by the vibrations of the Aether pressure. This process is similar to using
the appliance for charging. For example, the efficiency of energy converting of the
Aether vibrations in muscle cells of flea is so high that when the compressed
protein rezilin is released, the accumulated tension develops in the jump the
acceleration up to 100G (even astronauts are experiencing acceleration just 3-4 G).
The life is impossible without vibration of the Aether pressure. Even just changing
the spectrum of the vibration during traveling far from the surface of the Earth (at
the cosmic orbit or in mine) serious health problems develop. It means our genetic
vibration profile is adapted to exist exactly at the Earth surface
Living organism is similar to the Cosmos:
Fig. 9. The similarity of the Space and human structures is amazing: at the left side there
is result of Universe modeling made in Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics and at the
right side there is the photo of human bone.
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5. Origin of the Primary Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine
(TCM). Daily cycle of the Elements sequence
The most important biorhythm, which generates almost all of metabolic cycles of
every living creature on the Earth, is the circadian (daily) rhythm. This is the
natural rhythm of the cosmic process of interaction between two streams of the
Aether in the Space, which spawned the swirling motion of the Earth planet with
rotation period of one revolution in 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds.
Let us investigate the mechanism of the formation of the circadian biorhythms.
Fig. 10 shows two essential vectors that form the vortex of the Earth and keep it in
a state of equilibrium on the orbit. Points of action of essential vectors coincide
with the Earth's sectors when there is period of activity of the Fire Minister
meridians in TCM. The Fire-Minister Element has specific place in the theory of
the Five Elements.
Fig. 10. Two Aether vectors forms rotation of the Earth and produce impellent orbital
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There is the stream of the Aether around the Earth in sync rotation associated
with the physical surface of the planet. This association is the same type like a
boundary layer of water moving together with a ship's hull. The interaction
between the Aether
vector from Cosmos and Aether stream associated to the Earth's surface generates
areas with different vibrations based on the Doppler Effect. When the two flows
encounter (blue and turquoise area), they form a higher frequency area than at the
recession frequency part (yellow and red areas in Fig. 11):
Fig. 11. Disposition of vibration at the associated stream of the Aether
under action of the vector from the Cosmos.
Precisely the same mechanism generates Doppler Aether clouds around the Earth
under action of the Aether flow from the Sun:
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Fig. 12. Doppler Effect under the Aether vector from the Sun.
The combined effect of the two almost opposite flows of the Aether in space forms
the Earth's rotating vortex and the impellent orbital vector which is produced by a
geometric sum of two main vectors. Under the influence of orbital vector of the
Aether summarized Doppler clouds are produced.
Fig. 13. Summarized Aether aura under action of summarized Aether impellent vector.
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At the Fig. 13 we can observe changes in the wavelength of vibrations from the
longest (Red) to the shortest (Purple).
Now let's study the designs of traditional Chinese philosophy - the one of the main
conception - the theory of the Five Elements. In particular, we are interested in the
scheme of corresponding of symbols of trigrams with the Primary Elements.
Below the diagram of such correspondences is represented:
Fig. 14. Scheme of correlation between the Primary Five elements and trigrams.
Where we have:
- E – Earth,
- Wt – Water,
- Wd – Wood,
- FM – Fire-Minister,
- F – Fire,
- M – Metal.
Further in text, we'll use the following names and abbreviations for the Primary
elements and meridians in a daily circulation:
Wood Element:
- Yin Wood - Liver - LR;
- Yang Wood - Gall Bladder - GB;
Fire Element:
- Yin Fire - Heart - HT;
- Yang Fire - Small intestine - SI;
Earth Element:
- Yin Earth - Spleen - SP;
- Yang Earth - Stomach - ST;
Metal Element:
- Yin Metal - Lungs - LU;
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- Yang Metal - Large Intestine - LI;
Water Element;
- Yin Water - Kidneys - KI;
- Yang Waters - Urinary Bladder - BL;
Fire-Minister Element:
- Yin Fire - Minister - Pericardium - PC;
- Yang Fire - Minister - Triple Energizer (Blood) – TE
Let’s return to our trigrams. We suspect (as Leibniz did) that trigrams are simply
binary numbers. Then we'll apply to the each trigram the number, which is
obtained with help the trigram reading rule in Chinese philosophy from bottom to
up. When trigrams are placed in the order of increasing of numerical values, the
traditional sequence of Primary Elements will appear from the right to left by rule
of mutual birth - Wood gives rise to Fire, Fire gives rise to Earth, Earth gives rise
to Metal, Metal gives rise to Water gives rise to Fire-Minister. If we make
assumption that numeric value of trigrams may be associated with color the
following figure have the right to exist:
Fig. 15. Correspondence of the Five Elements with the solar spectrum.
Special place of the Fire-Minister in Chinese philosophy obviously is defined as an
Element linking two cycles in sequence of elements.
The association of numerical values of trigrams, Elements the solar spectrum
wavelengths allows us to have information about the true color of Chinese
Elements and understand this part of information from Chinese philosophy like
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vibrations of a certain frequencies. And certainly we consider these vibrations as
the Aether density oscillation. The Aether itself plays a role of pneuma, which
birth "ten thousands of entities" in Chinese philosophical paradigm.
The represented idea is rather fresh in interpretation of phenomena of Chinese
philosophy. Nowhere is possible to find the information regarding the origin of the
color of the Five Elements. It is suspected, that widely known correlation is wrong
and it's happened due or to deliberate distortion, or we are witnessing the
degradation of ancient high-tech knowledge.
We assume that the flow of energy transiting via the order of mutual birth of
Elements in the direction from Wood to the Fire Minister Element - from longer
wavelengths to short one in the physical world corresponds to the process of the
Aether pressure increasing at our local Space. This position is consistent with the
physical theories of vortex gravitation, where gravity is a derivative of the Aether
drift to the centers of planets and stars. In accordance with this theory, we live in
an ever-shrinking world. The results of the space shrinking are the physical effects
of the "red shift" and "recession of galaxies" - all exactly as if we were on the spot
of decreasing Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and observed an increase of
all things around from point of view of geometric sizes.
Further, we made substituting the names of the corresponding Elements by names
of Yin meridians in acupuncture theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The
choice of the Yin meridians made for the reason that they are called structural,
form the basis of life of the organism:
Fig. 16 Color of structural (Yin) meridians.
Knowing that there are two Aether acting vectors and their activity periods in the
daily circulation, taking into account the order of colors at Doppler's effect of
vectors, we have generated the full scheme of meridians and Five Elements
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Fig. 17. The color scheme of daily activity of 12 main acupuncture meridians.
It was found that colors of the Five Elements were the result of a superposition of
color components of acupuncture meridians by the rule of colors synthesis in the
visible spectrum:
Green + Red = Yellow
Turquoise + Yellow = Green
Blue + Green = Turquoise
Purple + Turquoise = Blue
Red + Blue = Purple
Yellow + Purple = Red
Fig. 18. The Scheme of the color synthesis.
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And here is the color model of daily circulation is represented in form of wheels:
Fig. 19.
As you can see, each meridian corresponds to certain frequency of vibration and,
accordingly, these frequencies are initiated by the process of the daily rotation of
the Earth It is the sole reason of circadian rhythms of metabolic processes in living
There are colors and meridians associations:
- The Red color corresponds to the work of the Liver (LR) and Urinary Bladder
- Yellow - Heart (HT) and Large Intestine (LI),
- Green - Pancreas (SP) and Gall Bladder (GB),
- Blue - Lungs (LU) and Small Intestine (SI),
- Blue - Kidney (KI) and Stomach (ST),
- Purple - Pericardium (PC) and Blood (Triple Heater - TE).
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In contrast with the conventional scheme of meridians activity from the
traditional Chinese medicine, in our scheme Meridian Yin Fire-Minister
(Pericardium) is actually active at the period from 11 a.m. to 01 p.m. due to
following reasons:
Firstly – It has special place between elements of Chinese philosophy;
Second - from the physical point of view, the time and place the corresponding
astronomical noon is the application of force of Aether flow from the center of the
solar system according to the model of the Doppler’s effect forming vibration
activity acupuncture meridians;
Third - thanks to the hierarchy of frequencies on the length of their waves
wavelength pericardium meridian should be shorter than the length of the meridian
of the Heart. This is confirmed by the topology of the location of the meridians on
the body - the true pericardium meridian ends at the end of the little finger of the
hand, which naturally shorter than the end of the middle finger - the end of the true
meridian Heart that says just that messed up only the name of the meridians in
order of daily circulation, but the true position of the meridians in a daily
circulation of activity remained.
All 12 types of vibration are acting simultaneously in the body, but each one
prevails at proper period of daily circulation. In spite of living situation of
organism, the circadian rhythm provides the regular changes via the Aether
pressure which creates rhythms of anabolic and catabolic processes for each cell. If
the rhythms for some reason out of sync - the energy base of anabolic-catabolic
phases circulation disappear. Cell falls out of general metabolic stream and dies.
Aging is a growing number of dying cells due to a mismatch with rhythms of the
Aether medium. Only these rhythms are free and infinite supplier of energy to
create a vibration of vitality.
6. Association of vibrations of meridians with the energy of 6 Qi.
Let's move on to the study of correlation of acupoints to the Primary Elements (at
different sources, they are called as transporting (Wu-Shu, Ancient, Barrier) points.
We find that on the Yin meridians Wind Qi points (Wood element), are at the
greatest distance from the center of the body (it is suggested as a center of
vibrations). Qi points of other Elements are located more close to the center of the
vibration in order of decreasing of their wave length by order of mutual birth in the
Wu-Xing cycle (Heat, Damp, Wind, Dryness, Cold). Points at Yang meridians are
also situated in the order of generation in the direction toward the center of
vibration, but they starts with the Dryness Qi point (Metal Element) and it
indicates the shift between metabolic cycles of Yin and Yang meridians.
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It is clear that the wavelength of points at equal distance from the center of
vibrations can not differ significantly. Therefore, for further analysis, it was
decided to appoint to points of Yang meridians similar colors, if they are placed at
similar distance from the center of vibrations.
Fig. 20. Comparing vibration between points of Yin and Yang meridians.
Please note the points of Heart and Pericardium meridians are shown here at traditional
order, but in accordance with our conclusions names of above mentioned meridians should
be changed. The arguments in favor of renaming are presented above in this article.
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In the light of above mentioned suggestions let’s try to establish the correlation
between 60 Wu-Shu points and frequencies of meridians and Elements (Fig. 19).
For this aim we will use the Wu-Xing law of mutual interrelations between
meridians inside of Odd or Even system. If we stand on the point of some
meridians (“I’m”) and activate it, the next meridians will be tonyfied (Son), the
second will be suppressed (Friend), with the third there will be mutual balance
(wife – the acupuncture rule “Noon-Midnight”), the forth meridian will suppress
“I’m” (Grandfather, Enemy), the fifth meridian will activate “I’m” (Mother):
Fig. 21. Wu-Xing scheme – (Five types of interrelations between vibrations of Elements).
In Traditional Chinese medicine there is information what Wu-Shu acupuncture
points are used to manage each of 12 main acupuncture meridians in accordance
with above represented Wu-Xing law. Below in the Fig. 22 we have marked each
point with proper colour in correlation with the associated Element and taking into
account the Wu-Xing law of Elements interaction. In accordance with Wu-Xing
law, tonification point is before the point of proper meridian (red and yellow
arrows up) and sedation point is placed behind the given point (dark blue arrows
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Periods of activity Jing –
Ying –
Jing –
Well Yuan Jing –
He –
Gall Bladder
GB, 23-01
7.1 mm
HT (↑)
5.6 mm
4.9 mm
LU (↓)
7.1 mm
5.6 mm
LR, 01-03
7.1 mm
LI (↓)
5.6 mm
4.9 mm
5.6 mm
4.9 mm
LU, 03-05
LU- 11
4.9 mm
5.6 mm
GB (↑)
4.9 mm
7.1 mm
ST (↓)
5.6 mm
Large Intestine
LI, 05-07
5.6 mm
SP (↓)
4.9 mm
7.1 mm
4.9 mm
7.1 mm
ST, 07-09
4.9 mm
7.1 mm
4.9 mm
LU (↑)
7.1 mm
5.6 mm
SP, 09-11
7.1 mm
LI (↑)
5.6 mm
4.9 mm
SI (↓)
7.1 mm
5.6 mm
Pericardium (It’s point of Heart
meridian in present interpretation) PC,
ST (↑)
5.6 mm
4.9 mm
BL (↓)
7.1 mm
5.6 mm
7.1 mm
Small Intestine
SI, 13-15
4.9 mm
5.6 mm
SP (↑)
4.9 mm
7.1 mm
KI (↓)
5.6 mm
Urinary Bladder
BL, 15-17
4.9 mm
7.1 mm
HT (↓)
5.6 mm
4.9 mm
5.6 mm
KI, 17-19
4.9 mm
7.1 mm
4.9 mm
SI (↑)
7.1 mm
5.6 mm
Heart (It’s points of Pericardium in
traditional interpretation) HT, 19-21
BL (↑)
7.1 mm
5.6 mm
GB (↓)
4.9 mm
7.1 mm
4.9 mm
Triple Energizer
TE, 21-23
KI (↑)
5.6 mm
4.9 mm
LR (↑)
7.1 mm
5.6 mm
SI (↓)
7.1 mm
Fig. 22.
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As far as we can see at Fig. 22, the colour of points is fluctuating in the table. It
means that we have deal with dynamic process and each frequency due to external
changes of Aether pressure has different wavelength in the space. More high
Aether pressure causes shortening of wavelength and increases the velocity of
Aether's wave in the space and vice-versa – low Aether pressure makes wavelength
longer and decrease the velocity of wave’s movement.
7. Analysis of Qi dynamics.
Let’s analyze for example changes of wavelength of Yellow vibration during a
day. The length of waves of Yellow vibrations at periods of activity at proper
meridians will be counted in the table at Fig. 22 from the right side to the left one
in order of increasing. The most right cell mean volume 1 (One – the shortest
wavelength), the most left call indicates volume equal to 5 (Five – the most long
wavelength). Volume for Odd and Even meridians are paired in accordance with
dividing the daily cycle into 6 Elements as it is shown at Fig. 19 :
Fig. 24
As you can see at the Fig.23 the Even system of meridians (Triple energizer, Liver,
Large Intestine, Spleen, Small Intestine, Kidneys) looks like pulse form at
sphygmogram (Fig. 24):
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Fig. 25
The sum of wavelengths of Odd and Even systems of meridians (green line at Fig.
23) shows the dynamic character of wavelengths of Yellow vibrations during a
day. There wavelengths are relatively longer at time of Fire and Earth elements
activity (in accordance with structure at Fig. 19). This period lasts approximately
from 23.00 to 07.00 hours (red “b” segment at Fig 24) and it is main daily anabolic
phase for the organism when the efficiency of anabolic process is the most high.
Catabolic phase is stipulated by vibrations of more short wavelengths (there is
more high presser of Aether) and this period take approximately period from 07.00
to 23.00 (blue segment “a” at the Fig. 34).
It is interesting that proportion between catabolic and anabolic phases of daily
pulsation is similar to the Golden Ratio.
By the way Golden ration in pulse was discovered by Dr. V. Tsvetkov in 1984
(V.D. Tsvetkov, “Heart, Golden ratio and Symmetry”, published by Department
of Scientific and Technical Information RAS, Pushchino Research Center, 1997):
Fig. 26
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Where at Fig. 26 tp(V)/ts(V) and ts(V)/t(V) are equal to 0.618.
8. Additional evidences of the Doppler principle in the Primary elements
The fidelity of the Doppler model of the Primary Elements and meridians can be
confirmed by three physical facts:
The first fact is that the frequency of the first Schumann resonance of the Earth is
7.83 Hertz, which resonates with the frequency of the middle of the visible solar
spectrum, with the green area. In our model, the green color is associated with Yin
Earth element (Spleen) and Yang Wind element (Gall Bladder):
7.83 Hz = C / (ƛ * 246)
C = 299 792 458 m / s - the speed of light,
ƛ = 0,000000544 m - wave length of the middle of green color of the visible solar
246 - factor of octave fractal.
As it is known in traditional Chinese philosophy, the Earth element has a special
role. Around this element revolve the remaining four elements in the Wu-Xing
The second fact: In the lectures on the physics of the famous American scientist
Richard Feynman, in Chapter 9, "Electricity in the Atmosphere," paragraph 1 " The
electric potential gradient of the atmosphere", there is daily graph as follow:
Fig. 27 Daily graph of electric potential in the atmosphere of the Earth at London’s time.
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Quote of the Feynman lecture:
« The current (in the atmosphere – note of the Author) varies by about ±15 percent,
and it is largest at 7:00 p.m. in London. The strange part of the thing is that no
matter where you measure the current—in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean,
or the Arctic Ocean—it is at its peak value when the clocks in London say 7:00
p.m.! All over the world the current is at its maximum at 7:00 p.m. London time
and it is at a minimum at 4:00 a.m. London time. In other words, it depends upon
the absolute time on the earth, not upon the local time at the place of observation».
Now we can explain this fact, which seemed surprising to R. Feynman. The
Doppler model of Elements has summarized vector of the Aether flow at 06 p.m.
This vector moves the Earth alongside the orbit. Naturally the maximum of the
Aether pressure will be formed at the point of application of the vector. Increased
pressure of the Aether displaces electrons from the medium and increases medium
resistance, increases the electrical potential between two vertical points in the
atmosphere. Period of the wave of the Aether flow is one day with wave maximum
at 19 Greenwich Mean Time. The shift between 06 p.m. in our model and 07 p.m.
in real physical process indicates the fact that real meridian of Aether wave
application on the planet is placed towards West from the London. And we have
some amazing fact regarding this real zero meridian:
If we study the old map of Mercado in 1595, the zero meridian passes through the
western part of Iceland (currently it has longitude 17 ° 59 '12 "W). The one hour of
the Earth rotation relatively to the stellar coordinates consists 15 degrees, which
actually corresponds to the arrival of the Aether wave at 18 p.m. of local
astronomical time at Iceland and it is very corresponds with our models!
It is worth noting that his maps Mercado had built on the base of old sources,
apparently left after the last civilization catastrophe in the 14th century AD.
It is known that the 14th century by the famous Austrian cultural historian Egon
Friedell in his book "Kulturgeschichte der Neuzeit" was name as "The Last Great
Shock", after which originates the recent history of the survived mankind,
beginning with the Renaissance. Apparently, the technical genius of the
Renaissance period - Leonardo Da Vinci was based on a solid foundation technical
knowledge of the former civilization. Even such minor fact as the setting the zero
meridian, demonstrates that previous civilization was more powerful and advanced
than ours. Old science knew about the Aether and relied on the natural process,
considering it in their cartography, astronomy and obviously – medicine (TCM).
Third fact:
It is in the same quote from Feynman lectures - the lowest electric potential is at 4
a.m. London time. If we change this time to the astronomical time of the correct
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zero meridian at Iceland, the true time is 5 a.m.. The 5 a.m. in our Doppler model
corresponds to the middle of Earth Element - the period when there is the low-
pressure of the Aether, maximum reduction processes in the body (excess of
electrons) - the maximum of Yin in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
9. Macroelements of Dr. Samokhotsky
Russian doctor Alexander Samokhotsky (1890-1986), a surgeon, in result of long
experimental work found that almost any disease can be effectively treated by only
with four macroelements: Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium. Regardless of
the type of the disease, his mixtures, applied on the base of blood analysis, gave
rapid healing effect in most cases.
It was suggested that each of the Primary Elements of Chinese philosophy can be
associated with these macroelements.
The two Primary Element were excluded Fire-Minister and Earth - in the Doppler
model they correspond to the polar level of H+ and electron concentration (Fire-
Minister is excess of H+, but Earth is excess of electrons).
To find correlation of Ca++, Mg++, K+ and Na+ with other Primary Elements we
studied spectra of absorption-emission energy in the Ballmer's series of visible
solar spectrum:
As a conclusion we have correlation as follows:
- Fire-Minister – excess of H+;
- Earth – electrons excess (or OH- radical);
- Wood - Calcium;
- Fire – Potassium;
- Metal – Magnesium
- Water – Sodium.
Below there is the line of reasoning:
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Fig. 28. Spectrum of Hydrogen atom
Fig. 29. Spectrum of Potassium atom
Fig. 30. Spectrum of Sodium atom
Fig. 31. Spectrum of Magnesium atom
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Fig. 32. Spectrum of Calcium atom
If we'll get smoothed graph of spectral energy power of macroelements, their lines
will be represented as at picture below:
Fig. 33. Smoothed energy spectrums of 4 macroelements
- The Hydrogen graph shows a decline in the power of vibration at green area
and increases towards the edges, where the purple area is situated (area of
increased acidity). The Hydrogen is associated with Triple energizer (Blood)
and Pericardium meridians.
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- The Potassium graph has the power of vibrations decreased at area with the
short wavelength - in the field of blue color. Mid-power spectrum occurs at a
yellow color, which was previously identified in correlation with Fire
element. Minimum of power of vibrations (blue color) corresponds to the
element of Water. It is obvious spectral confrontation between Fire and
Water elements in the daily circulation and this graph confirmed the
physical base. The Potassium is associated with Heart and Large Intestine
- The Sodium graph in opposition with Potassium graph has the greatest value
in the short-wave part of the spectrum and the average maximum of power
in spectrum is placed at blue color area, but the minimum - at yellow area.
Previously, the blue color was determined in correlation with Water element,
and its minimum in the yellow spectrum corresponds to confront with Fire.
The Sodium is associated with Kidneys and Stomach meridians.
- The Magnesium graph has a narrow maximal spike in the transition from
green to blue color, while the rest part of the spectrum has a meager value.
Up to opinion of the Author, taking into account the established correlation
of four previous macroelements (Hydrogen, Potassium, Sodium and
Hydroxyl ion OH-) with the Primary elements, the line of Magnesium is
most likely corresponds to the Metal element. Magnesium is associated with
the Lungs and Small Intestine meridians.
- The Calcium graph has a smoothed character throughout the spectrum with a
moderate level of energy. It remains the sole possible correlation with the
Wood element. In favour of this relationship at least two arguments can be
presented: a - mutual metabolic suppression between Magnesium and
Calcium is well known in medicine and at graphs we can see some form of
opposition - Magnesium has concentrated energy at narrow band of
spectrum and Calcium has the scattered energy over the whole spectrum; b -
In traditional Chinese medicine the Wood element (Wind Qi) is responsible
for the movement, while the Calcium in vivo is directly involved in the
contractile processes (Magnesium - on the contrary, promotes relaxation).
Calcium is associated with the Liver and Urinary Bladder meridians.

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