Prosperity of Korea Casino Industry

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The flow of world casino industry come to function of resort, theme park and convention. Thus, Current casino industry coming to total entertainment. But our casino industry impose legal controls on speculation industry till now. So, This is study on the casino industry with tourism. Result of this study presents thirds proposals. First, We have to a correct understanding about casino industry is not speculation industry but tourism industry. Seconds, We have to strengthen the competitiveness of our casino on international markets. For example, Introduce new advanced technology, Improve the nation?s foreign investment environment and Strengthen the competitiveness. Thirds, Constant efforts of casino business and government for attract foreign tourists to casino business.

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... , 및 카지노 산업의 생산유 발효과, 기술적인 설계 및 구현과 관련 연구[9,10], 또는 한국 카지노 산업의 동향 및 시장현황과 정책에만 연구 가 이루어져 왔다[1,11,12][17]In-soo Jang, " A study on casino security management system based on methodist ISO27001 " , Konkuk University Master's Degree research paper, 2014.[18]Jung-bong, " e-tourism Information System " Hyunaksa, 2004. ...
As a lexical meaning, casino is defined as "a certified gambling house, equipped with recreational facilities such as dance and music, etc., where people play roulette or cards." Casinos started from 17th to 18th century for European nobility and their social meetings and established a casino industry framework in the United States in the 1930s. The success of the casino business leads to the increase of sales; it became very helpful for the local and national government revenues and also for the related incidental tasks. Casino operations include a variety of fields, such as general customer management, dealer game management, security, account management, currency exchange, re-exchange management, marketing management, comp management and placement management, etc. These operations should be organically connected to each other by information systems such as a groupware, ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. In addition, in order to effectively manage comprehensive entertainment service, including accommodation and tourism, it is necessary to develop an information system which supports casino business and collateral entertainment service, collects the data generated throughout the business and provides information about the situations of management. Thus, this study will propose a casino information system designed and implemented, considering these details.
... However, its external customers have been declining in terms of attracting foreign tourists and earning foreign exchange. In addition, intensive promotional efforts for casinos in other Asian countries such as Japan, Macao, and the Philippines show that the Korean casino industry needs to reformed (Lee and Shin 2008). Under these circumstances, the Korean casino industry should respond to such changes in the competitive market environment for survival and success. ...
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Our study investigated the follower perceptions of leader–member exchange (FPLMX) as a mediator between leader political skill (LPS) and follower morale and tested these relationships using data obtained from casino dealers in Korea. Social astuteness, interpersonal influence, networking ability, and apparent sincerity are the indicators of LPS, while follower morale is composed of job satisfaction and affective organizational commitment. The results from structural equation modeling suggest that the research model we have proposed is viable. Broadly speaking, FPLMX is a partial mediator between LPS and follower morale.
... , 카지노 산업의 생산유발효과, 기술적인 설계 및 구현 과 관련 연구[9,10], 또는 한국 카지노 산업의 동향 및 시 장현황과 정책에만 연구가 이루어져 왔다[1,11] ...
This study explores performance factors of a casino information system for foreigners, empirically examines the causal relation between these factors and business performances through organizational trust and job satisfaction and suggests a plan to develop such a information system. We found that information quality positively impacted on perception of information security, but negatively on job satisfaction; system quality positively did on security reliability, but negatively on job satisfaction; service quality positively did on trust in information security and job satisfaction; lastly security reliability positively did on job satisfaction. We found that information quality, system quality and service quality would affect perceived information security and job satisfaction.
This study explored the performance factors of casino information systems for foreigners, empirically examined the causal relation between these factors and the business performances through organizational trust and job satisfaction and suggested a direction to enhance the casino information systems. The result of this study showed that, firstly, information quality impacted positively on security reliability and job satisfaction. Secondly, system quality impacted positively on security reliability and job satisfaction. Thirdly, service quality impacted positively on security reliability and job satisfaction. Fourthly, security reliability impacted positively on job satisfaction through security reliability. Lastly, security reliability and job satisfaction impacted positively on business performance. This research must be continued by expanding upon the variables of this research study, and there is a need for follow up research on methods that can analyze the management performance of casino information systems from a diverse set of approaches and also research that conducts an analysis on systems that are implemented to prevent tax evasion.
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