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Game Controller Research from the Lab into the Wild: The Case of Eye Tracking

Conference Paper · November 2016with80 Reads

Conference: Conference: Proceedings of DiGRAA 2016: Tensions, At Melbourne, Australia
Games with eye tracking support have existed for a long time, but have remained confined to research labs due to the prohibitive costs, inaccuracies, and awkward usage requirements of older eye trackers. The recent release of inexpensive eye trackers, combined with AAA games offering support for eye-based game mechanics have created an interesting moment for academic research, in which an input device transitions from research labs into the wider consumer market. This paper discusses how this transition has impacted academic research in the topic. We argue that the wider availability of eye trackers and accompanying development tools have led to mechanics where the eyes play an increasingly more central role and research more focused on player experiences than on the technology itself.