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Securing user defined containers for scientific computing

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... For the purpose of this work, we concentrated on the scientific computing area, where users often express the wish to independently deploy containerized applications (bring your own environment / user-supplied images). Such scenarios raise demand for additional security mechanisms [3]. In this domain traditional attacks do not necessarily play an important role, a typical problem however is the risk of misuse of resources, for example by using HPC systems to mine crypto currencies [4]. ...
Docker promises the ability to package applications and their dependencies into lightweight containers that move easily between different distros, start up quickly and are isolated from each other.
Conference Paper
Multiple clusters co-existing in a single research campus has become commonplace at many university and government labs, but effectively leveraging those resources is difficult. Intelligently forwarding and spanning jobs across clusters can increase throughput, decrease turnaround time, and improve overall utilization. Dynamic Virtual Clustering (DVC) is a system of virtual machines, deployed in a single or multi-cluster environment, to increase cluster utilization by enabling job forwarding and spanning, flexibly allow software environment changes, and effectively sandbox users and processes from each other and the system. This paper presents both the initial implementation of DVC and performance results from synthetic workloads executed under DVC.
ISC High Performance
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Namespaces in operation, part 5: User namespaces
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Contain this, unleashing docker for hpc
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Using docker to support reproducible research
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