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Aspectos botânicos e ecológicos em Comunidades da Chapada Diamantina



Chapada Diamantina is a wide area in the center of the Brazilian state of Bahia with nearly 50,000 square kilometers. The homonym Chapada Diamantina National Park (CDNP) has 1,520 square kilometers and is an important Brazilian natural reserve. In this book, we present the results of seven years of researches developed by the staff of the CDNP. These researches were focused on analysis of botanical and ecological aspects of three traditional human communities, two of them in the interior of the CDNP (Vale do Pati and Garapa – Roncador) and another in its surroundings (Comunidade Quilombola de Corcovado). The results will help the formation of coexistence agreements (“termos de compromisso”, according to Brazilian laws), which can be used by CDNP the governing body to regulate the management of the areas occupied by communities of Pati Valley and Garapa-Roncador. In addition, the results will be used by the quilombo of Corcovado to plan the extraction of plant resources necessary for its maintenance. The surveys were conducted with the support of several partner organizations and many employees who sign the chapters of this book.
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