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Investigative Survey Research Approach (ISRA) was used to establish the types, causes and cost of farm accidents on selected mechanized farms in Nigeria. This paper is a report of the first stage of the work, which covers Niger, Kaduna and Kwara States and the Federal Capital Territory. The data collection instrument was a questionnaire made up of parts A and B with 12 and 25 questions respectively. Part A of the questionnaire addresses demographic variables and part B addresses issues linked directly with types, causes and cost of accidents. Results show that 82.5% of accident victims are male. About 74% of accident victims were aged between 20 and 30 years. Up to 43.33% of minor accidents resulted in slight damage to equipment. Similarly, 30.67% of accidents resulted in substantial time loss, while 21.33% and about 3% of accidents resulted in medical attention and loss of lives respectively. No attempt was made to quantify in monetary terms the cost of each accident with the discoveries in previous studies outside Nigeria. Poor record keeping characterized most of the establishments surveyed.
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