Housing, Environment, and Public Awareness

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... For example, in a tropical climate, a mixed aviary of a tropical species and a temperate species may provide an advantage to the former, whereas the climatic constraints (too humid, too hot) may limit the performance of the temperate species, limiting its competence for space, breeding sites, or access to food. 4 The temperate species may, over time, be relatively less robust and more susceptible to disease. A temperate species housed in a tropical climate may also be more naturally susceptible to parasitism by endemic organisms, where a tropical bird species may be more resistant. ...
... In fact, the provision of water bodies in aviaries housing arid region species may increase the incidence of infection with organisms such as Mycobacterium spp., Pseudomonas, and Giardia, as birds from arid regions may have little natural exposure to these organisms. 4 Conversely, avian species that normally inhabit the ecological niches around water bodies may not be so susceptible to infection with these types of organisms and are likely to require the presence of water bodies to maintain optimal health of plumage and integument. 5 For example, waders and waterbirds often develop plantar pododermatitis lesions if appropriate water bodies and associated substrate are not provided. ...
When managing the health of flocks in aviaries, extensive knowledge of the natural history of the species kept is key to fulfilling the environmental, social, nutritional and behavioral requirements of the birds, whether in a mixed- or sole-species aviary. Species compatibility with environment, climate, and other co-occupants plays a role as well, as does hygiene, good avicultural management, and veterinary involvement and consultation. In understanding and meeting these requirements, optimal health can be maintained through the reduction or elimination of stressors and the maintenance of normal physiologic function.
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