Vapour phase corrosion inhibitors from South African renewable resources and their evaluation

Source: OAI


CSIR Research and Innovation Conference: 1st CSIR Biennial Conference, CSIR International Convention Centre Pretoria, 27-28 February 2006 A vapour-phase corrosion inhibitor (VCI) needs to be a volatile compound or a mixture of compounds. It reaches the surfaces that need to be protected from corrosion via the vapour phase and forms a relatively stable bond at the interface of the metal. Furfural and furfural derivatives were reacted with different amines to produce potential VCIs. The products were evaluated using a humidity chamber method. A suitable vapour pressure is a requirement for a VCI. Conventional vapour-pressure measurement methods require specialised instruments and are labour-intensive. Thermal analysis techniques, such as thermogravimetry (TG), provide a simple experimental set-up. TG also allows rapid and convenient estimation, using small amounts of substances

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