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2005 „Język płci – prawda czy mit?” [w:] M. Dąbrowska (red.) Język Trzeciego Tysiąclecia III Tom III: Język polski i języki obce – kontakty, kultura, dydaktyka, Seria: Język a komunikacja 8, Kraków: Tertium, str. 145-159 (wersja pełna)

... Zimmerman andWest 1975, Herring et al. 1995) have proved that it is in fact men who take more of the talking time, at least they have exhibited this feature in the case of the English speaking world. Also, a brief exercise during one of my classes in Sociolinguistics which involved the description of one of the cards used for the present analysis -the Christmas cardby 3 Polish male and 3 Polish female students (in Polish) in front of a large group of people, proved that it was indeed the male students who talked longer, approximately twice as long as the female students (Dąbrowska 2005). ...
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