History and Evolution of the Android OS

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Android, Inc. started with a clear mission by its creators. According to Andy Rubin, one of Android’s founders, Android Inc. was to develop “smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences.” Rubin further stated, “If people are smart, that information starts getting aggregated into consumer products.” The year was 2003 and the location was Palo Alto, California. This was the year Android was born.

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... Furthermore the advantage of Google Android OS over Apple iOS can be related to the fact that the Android is open source [10]. Running on over 400 million devices across the globe as an open source technology stack, Android OS has empowered developers and device manufactures to work remotely to develop top class application and devices to meet changing consumer demands [13]. ...
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The place of mobile communication in the twenty first century cannot be overemphasized as it has impacted almost all known field of human endeavour. The revolution in telecommunication induced by the development of mobile devices and applications has greatly improved businesses and the dominance of the Google Android over Apple iOS applications with its open-source application development has made it much easier for third-party developer to create state-of the art applications to meet the customers need. This paper reviews the evolution of mobile devices and application development taking into consideration programming language tool like Java and Kotlin for developing Android applications with the view to examine their strength, weaknesses and areas comparable advantage as to ascertain the best tool for modern Android application development.
... Android pertama kali rilis pada tahun 2007 dengan versi sistem android A (Astro) dan terus berkembang hingga sekarang versi O (Oreo) uniknya pada sistem operasi Android ini menggunakan inisial pada tiap versinya menggunakan nama-nama makanan, di setiap updatenya sistem operasi Android mengalami banyak perkembangan, secara visual, konseptual, ataupun dari segi fungsional (Raphael, 2017). Beberapa sistem operasi Android yang telah rilis dijelaskan pada Tabel 1 (Krajci & Cummings, 2013 Hal ini berpotensi terjadinya praktik kejahatan digital seperti prostitusi online dengan cara menawarkan diri menggunakan gambar dan kata-kata yang tidak senonoh ke pengguna Instagram lainnya. Sedangkan untuk halaman beranda atau feed dan juga status atau story dapat disalahgunakan menjadi media penyebaran berita hoax dan pencemaran nama baik dengan meng-upload foto atau video yang dapat langsung dilihat oleh semua pengguna Instagram. ...
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The development of communication media continues to increase with the emergence of various communication applications on smartphones, which are currently very developed from limited communication media to social media. This change in the flow of communication applications gives a new color to communication, not just exchanging messages and sounds but also exchanging videos and pictures. This development was also followed by the rise of digital crimes in the form of defamation, fraud, and hoax news by spreading posts and then deleting them after the news spread widely. This research was conducted to obtain digital evidence with the help of special applications such as Belkasoft Evidence and Axiom Magnets using the NIST method. The results of this study show that the Magnet Axiom is better with an accuracy rate of 83.3% while Belkasoft Evidence is only 50%.
... [17][18][19] During this generation, the smartphones market watched the rise of Android and iOS mobile phones. [20][21] ...
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Networks exist all around on the planet, and inside the brain of every living organism. On the city streets we see transport networks, inside homes and organizations we see water piping networks. And in the digital information age we see the rise of the computer networks and the mobile networks and their upgrade from generation to generation. We need networks for efficient sharing of resources and as human beings the most valuable thing that we can share along the time from age to age is our data that could represent our knowledge and information represented through text, voice, image, and video. In this paper we provide a quick overview on network generation and IoT applications. Also, we point to the security threats in these generations.
... The Android Operating System is meant for the mobile device platform that underlies the Linux kernel. It was initiated by Open Handset Alliance on November 2007 using Java programming language [17]. Android is dedicated for open expansion platform where it offers upgrades across various versions. ...
... The adoption of an open market model has made Android vulnerable to attacks from outside. Users have easy access to alternative app markets other than Google's play store from where apps that are not available on the play store, can be downloaded [11]. There is no implementation of isolation mechanisms for apps downloaded from third parties. ...
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As android devices have increased in number in the past few years, the android operating system has started dominating the smartphone market. The vast spread of android across all the devices has made security an important issue as the android users continue to grow exponentially. The security of android platform has become the need of the hour in view of increase in the number of malicious apps and thus several studies have emerged to present the detection approaches. In this paper, we review the android components to propose a threat model that illustrates the possible threats that are present in the android. We also present the attack taxonomy to illustrate the possible attacks at various layers of the android architecture. Experiments demonstrating the feature extraction and classification using machine earning algorithms have also been performed.
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