Introducing Custom Power

Electric Power Res. Inst., USA
IEEE Spectrum (Impact Factor: 0.78). 07/1995; 32(6):41 - 48. DOI: 10.1109/6.387140
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Changes in customers' needs require improvements in the reliability and quality of the electricity supply. This paper describes how the concept of custom power is now becoming familiar. The term describes the value-added power that electric utilities and other service providers will offer their customers in the future. The improved level of reliability of this power, in terms of reduced interruptions and less variation, will stem from an integrated solution to present problems, of which a prominent feature will be the application of power electronic controllers to utility distribution systems and/or at the supply end of many industrial and commercial customers and industrial parks.< >

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    • "The voltage sag will appear in the power system network with respect continuous unbalanced short circuit problem (Figueroa et al., 2013). The inductance or capacitance variation in the charge level causes swells (Hingorani, 1995). The sag and swell are the major impact on the power quality problems in the system stability and its performance (Khadkikar and Chandra, 2011). "
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    ABSTRACT: This study delivers a new approach for reference signal generation to improve the power quality problem of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG). DFIG consists of RSC (Rotor Side Converter) and GSC (Grid Side Converter) and common DC-Link. RSC converter used to mitigate the sag and swell compensation by enhanced phase lock loop and variable speed Limit. The aim of GSC is to mitigate the current harmonics and load balancing control by non-linear adaptive filter approach. The 60% of DC-Link voltage control obtained by GSC and remaining 40% of sag is controlled by the external chopper through the DC-Link voltage balancing. Additional chopper is presented to reduce the size, stress of DC-Link capacitor and also it avoids additional control loop in GSC. The system power qualities are verified through simulation studies.
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    • "The other approach is to install a custom power device to suppress or neutralize the disturbances at the customer end. The DVR is one of most effective and efficient custom power device, which is used in power distribution systems [7]. The DVR is a power electronic device used to inject voltage in series with distribution feeder in order to compensate for voltage sag/swell. "

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    • "The current energy scenario in Brazil is calling for a global effort towards a more efficient use of electrical energy, as well as for a global improvement in the quality of its delivery. However, as budgets are limited, an acceptable alternative is the offering of different levels of supply quality, according to the concept of Custom Power, proposed by Hingorani in [1]. For the practical implementation of this concept, several types of equipment can be used, as described in [2]. "
    Dataset: ICEM02-459

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