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Introduction to Medical Writing

  • Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine


This is first of the six presentations I deliver as part of the workshop titled ”Medical Writing Made Easy: a step by step guide” I have been conducting these workshops since March 2014 and so have have conducted and facilitated 63 workshops on different aspects of medical writing, ethics and presentation skills all across Pakistan. Many of these workshops were supported by grant from AuthorAID (
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MEDICAL WRITING From Proposal to Implementation: An important goal of this book is to enhance students’ perceptions on the relevance of Medical Writing to pharmacy practice. The goal of Medical Writing is to provide useful knowledge on the research protocols to the physicians, medical students, interns, pharmacist and also people working in clinical trials in a complete, accurate and concise manner. Furthermore, this text contains frequent and specific references to Medical Writing and the practice of clinical pharmacy designed to facilitate students’ understanding of basic concepts and their pertinence to their chosen profession. Although the book Medical Writing has advanced substantially. This book is intended to serve the needs of both primary readers i.e. the undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as the secondary readers such as research scientist, clinical research organizations and field expertise. The book Medical Writing covers all the chapters according to the current scenario and helps in quick revision during the interviews for clinical research coordinator and Pharmacovigilance. It covers most important topics in Medical Writing “Introduction to Clinical Research, Introduction to Medical Writing and Clinical Research Glossary” & also includes Development processes “(Developing Clinical trial protocol, Essential clinical trial documents, Developing SOPs, ICF, CSR, CSF, and Data Management). This book is designed to provide the overall knowledge to the students of pharmacy and other health sciences. This book includes important concepts of Medical writing described in sufficient detail so that the student may integrate and understand these principles and then be able to apply them in subsequent coursework in Medical Writing. This book has been xiii personally designed for the academic and scientific purpose for the medical, pharmacy students and life science students. It also includes extra information/ data that will help researchers during the research.
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