Pejman Rahimizadeh: Illustrator – Iran

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View full resolution Creating a picture is a means by which I am able to collect my dreams, beliefs, thoughts and feelings and whatever I have inside and present it to another. born in 1970 in tehran , Rahimizadeh is one of the most recognized Iranian illustrators, painters, and graphic designers. Already as a child, Rahimizadeh showed a great passion for painting; it was due to this great interest that he discovered from early on the works of some of the most renowned national and international artists in children’s illustration, such as Farshid Mesghali and the French artist Alain Bailhache. As an adult, he decided to choose art as his field of study, although his father expected him to follow in his footsteps as a doctor. He graduated with a Master of Arts and Visual Communication from the Department of Art and Architecture of Azad University in Tehran in 1995. Since then and before formally entering the field of children’s illustration, Rahimizadeh worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in the advertising, publishing, and printing business for several years. On the side, he began his career as a university lecturer in 1999 and has nurtured enthusiastic young artists ever since. Rahimizadeh’s illustrations take children beyond the illustrations and as far as the imagination allows, to worlds full of mystery, creativity, and beauty. Each of his books, although distinctly marked with his signature style, is unique in technique and mood. His use of rhythm in lines and dots, symbolic elements, traditional Persian motifs, and various angles, together with experimentation with proportion and size give his illustrations a dynamic and innovative touch, something particular to his style. By refraining to use true-to-life proportions and perspective, he creates a work reminiscent of Iranian traditional painting. Imaginative stories with surreal narratives happening in mythical lands are some of his core interests; his work on the books Arash, Mah Pishani of Our Story, Rostam and Esfandiyar, Sultan and the Deer, and A Friend is Never Lost nor is an Enemy attests to this interest. Pejman Rahimizadeh has illustrated over sixty children’s and young adult books as well as approximately 500 book covers. He is a versatile artist with vast theoretical knowledge and practical experience who makes his works consonant with the demands of today’s young generation. Rahimizadeh is true to his roots and adheres to the traditions of Iranian children’s books illustration. He has made a significant contribution to the advancement of children’s illustration both within Iran and on an international level. He has graced the walls of well-known national and international galleries with his illustrations and has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including being selected for the 2004 IBBY Honour List.

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