Managing product development in the high-tech industry

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The Process Map and Responsibility Matrix (PMRM) has been developed specifically to address managerial, operational, and control problems. By using this approach in the high-tech industry, individual and group participation in the product development and delivery process is increased, and several managerial responsibilities are strengthened.

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you can request a copy directly from the authors.

... However, our findings are in line with the results in the NPD literature where having a formal NPD process is a major driver of new product success (e.g. Cooper, 1998;Cooper and Kleinschmidt, 1993, 1995, 1996Davies and Brush, 1996) and agree with previous studies on the development of financial services (Lievens et al., 1999a). This could be due to the fact that leasing, and financial services in general, are complex and there is a need to formalise processes in order to speed up development and ensure customer satisfaction. ...
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Supply chain management constitutes a relatively new and promising field of management science, affecting greatly the efficiency of Greek enterprises. The objective of this research is to detect the range of SCM applications in Greece; the trends and views of Greek enterprises in relation to efficiency, difficulties, costs, benefits and necessity, as these were generated from the implementation of one or more SCM applications. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has now proven to be an indispensable backbone for most Greek enterprises. Enterprises on the whole have stated that they have proceeded to a combination of ERP and Best of Bread systems. However, despite the valuable benefits featuring the selection of Application Service Providers ? ASP (leasing of SCM applications), it has been found that this solution has not matured yet in the consciousness of Greek companies. The great majority considers it unattractive or slightly attractive.
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