Marketing faculty of Bucharest Economic Studies University: historic landmarks, present and future developments

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This paper aims to present the main events that left their mark on the history and evolution of the Marketing Faculty of Bucharest Economic Studies University, an academic body that this will mark its 10th anniversary this fall. As the only school dedicated exclusively to the study of marketing in Romania, as well as one of the few exclusively marketing schools in Europe, the history of the Marketing Department and, subsequently, of the Marketing Faculty overlaps in the last four decades with that of Romanian marketing higher education, as well as with the graduate transformation of Romania’s economy to a post-industrial, information-based and customer centric economy. Part of Economic Sciences domain, marketing contains a set of concepts, tools, methods and techniques through which the organization, irrespective of its profile, analyzes the environment where it lives (marketing research), sets goals and strategies to be achieved (strategic marketing planning), design and execute operational activities (marketing programs) in order to maximize profits and to satisfy customer’s and society’s needs at the required level. Marketing as a strategic and operational area, captures the interest of Romanian managers and specialists of international organizations, being a source of competitive advantage and positioning of the company and its portfolio brands, in the mind and soul of current and potential customers

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Since its launching in the universe of the academic knowledge, in 1971, marketing has been a part of the scientific portfolio of the Faculty of Commerce within the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies until 2003, when the Marketing Faculty got separated. In this period the person who activated as a mentor of a group of young teachers from the Marketing Department was PhD prof. Constantin Florescu, Head of the Department between 1971 – 1983 and 1990 – 1995. Prior to that, between 1966 -1968, he had exercised the function of Dean of the Faculty of Commerce. On his way of professional and personal ascension, he managed in such beautiful manner to melt together a Moscow experience, the position of magazine editor as well as an interest and a wide open spirit towards the market economy, which he expressed from his youth. The professor was educated in the field of the domestic commerce which he never abandoned; therefore in 1979 he coordinated the volume Economia comerţului interior, published by Editura Didactică şi Pedagogică