Ecotourism in Hong Kong : its current status and prospects
Source: OAI


(Uncorrected OCR) Abstract Ecotourism is booming worldwide. Hong Kong with rich in natural heritage has a great potential for the further development of ecotourism. Although ecotourism has been presented in Hong Kong for many years, the experience in the territory remains limited. Simply marketing ecotourism has been done without making a significant commitment to research, government policy, and industry development. A comprehensive ecotourism development strategy is paramount so as to minimize possible negative impacts on environment and to be beneficial to the nature and human. It is recommended that tourism industry should pay attention to the importance of environment for the sustainability of tourism. It is also hoped the philosophy of ecotourism can be applied to the whole tourism industry to maintain sustainable tourism development. Finally, it is concluded that ecotourism has a potential to be a promising tool for conservation in Hong Kong since it provides an alternative option for development. I