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Análise Geográfica do Índice de Desempenho do Sistema Único de Saúde Segundo Quadro Socioespacial e Econômico do Centro-Oeste



The work will be in charge of establishing a more intense relationship between the Performance Index of the Brazilian Unified Health System and the Brazilian Centro-Oeste’s municipalities. Verifying if there is mitigating or aggravating able to clarify, even initially, an analogy between the value of the performance obtained by the municipalities and yours economic and social structure, since the index itself may omit others variables. .This goal comes from the observation of isolated municipalities with lower performance surrounded by better performance than yours or better performance surrounded by lower performance. It is noteworthy that the municipalities will not be studied individually, the amount of these would have prevented the execution of the activity. The analysis will be done through the preparation of thematic maps made in ArcGis that provide a finding of no direct correlation between the studied variables.
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ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication.