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Prudentia Iuris. Towards a Pragmatic Theory of Natural Law

  • University of Public Service


Natural Law theory enjoys a renewed interest in recent years. The present volume recasts Natural Law theory by relying on cush classic authors as Aristotle and Aquiinas. The kind of pragmatic natural Law theory presented in this short book is a prudential account of human decision-making.
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Sustainable development aims to secure the living conditions of the next generations. Currently it fails to achieve its goal as the human destruction of ecosystem is accelerated. Institutions of the developed countries can not control the environmental crisis. The increased environmental degradation is caused by overconsumption, which is mainly driven by the widespread consumption-culture. Failure of institutional solutions drew the attention to the empowerment of communities. Aarhus Convention has legally empowered the local communities and various scientific fields examines community participation. Community Based Mental Health Services has gathered a significant knowledge about the psychosocial processes of community participation and about the participatory culture. According to our assumption this knowledge can be used in the field of sustainable development. Besides the empowerment of the independent, local communities, concordance, affective experiencing, diversity of the members, involvement of experiential experts are all important in the operation of self-organizing, responsible, local communities. We believe that the empowerment and support of eco-conscious communities is an important, new intervention in the field of sustainable development.
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