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Design and Fabrication of Narrow Belt Sanding Machine for Small Scale Workshops

... It is used for the transmission of power in many engineering applications from a driver pulley to the driven pulley through friction between the belt and the pulleys. The belt drive has been successfully used as drive mechanism in fans and blowers, automotive engines, pump equipment, industrial machines [2][4] and agricultural equip- ment [5] among other applications. The drive is frequently used because of its ability to absorb shock, and its ease of installation [6] [7]. ...
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The aim of this study was to develop an efficient and realistic response surface optimization technique for the design of V-belt drive for optimum power output of the drive in machinery design. Optimization mathematical model of the V-belt drive was constructed. The power output of the belt drive was modeled and optimized by the Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Analysis of variance was used to evaluate the extent of influence of each independent variables on the power output response of the belt drive. A RSM optimization process was proposed to calculate optimal power output for V-belt drive given a set of pulley diameter for the drive employed in a tilling machine. The analysis showed that optimum power output of the drive for workshop light operation machinery could be obtained at driving and driven pulley radius range of 550-900 mm and 250-500 mm. An optimum power output of 1418.76 kW was obtained at driving and driven pulley radius of 846 and 486 mm respectively for a farm tilling machine.
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