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Permesso di ricerca per idrocarburi liquidi e gassosi denominato "VILLA BADESSA" (Italy) - Relazione tecnica allegata all'istanza di rinuncia del permesso


This Geological Report is part of the documentation relative to the "Villa Badessa" Exploration Permit in the Adriatic foredeep (onshore Italy), filed with the Ministry of Industry. The stratigraphy and the tectonic evolution of the area are described on the basis of: 1) published scientific papers; 2) the results of previous exploration boreholes; 3) the result of the exploration activity conducted under the Exploration Permit “Villa Badessa”. Including the interpretation of pre-existing and newly acquired 2D reflection seismic profiles, new well correlations and computer-based cross-section balancing. The panel of Allegato 1 includes unpublished geologic data and shows the result of the re-interpretation and correlation of the stratigraphy of six wells drilled in the area, based on the digitization of the available well logs and the review of the original composite logs, available to the public at the link: . In particular, the panel shows a new 9 marker correlation within the Globorotalia puncticulata and Globorotalia margaritae biozones of the Lower Pliocene of the Adriatic foredeep. The report, without its large size attachment, is made available to the public through the VIDEPI project, at the link . The report large format attachment (Allegato 1) is available separately at the link

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