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Mobile Device Use at Festivals: The Role of Habit



The purpose of the research described in this note was to understand how mobile device daily use affects intention to use a device and device use while at a festival attraction. The research was based on the Unified Theory of the Acceptance and Use of Technology 2, which includes habit as a factor affecting intention and use. Survey data from 403 attendees to a Winter festival in Canada were collected on-site. The results reveal that mobile device use habits formed in daily life do influence intention to use and use at the festival. The results are discussed in relation to habit theory and spill over of technology from daily life to unique leisure / tourism contexts.
... Habit is the scale of individuals who perform behaviour systematically due to learning [14]. Although Raman and Don [34] and Hsu and Lin [35] concluded that habit is not an important indicator to determine intention, however, researchers like Yuan, et al. [36], Nair, et al. [37] and Winkle, et al. [38] proved that habit does influence the users' behavioural intention to use apps. Furthermore, habit is regarded as an important predictor, as the intention becomes a systematic behaviour when users engaged to use apps in their daily life. ...
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