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"Editorial" at Inaugural Issue of International Journal of Export Marketing, Vol. 1, No. 1



Forthcoming articles at the International Journal of Export Marketing:
Dedication to Professor Michael Z. Brooke (1921-2003)
Acknowledgement to reviewers
1st paper: “Risk perception in the internationalisation of small and medium-sized firms”
by Eduardsen Jonas, and Marinova Svetla.
2nd paper: Early and accelerated internationalisation: the role of the niche strategy in a
new generation of exporters” by Zucchella Antonella, Hagen Birgit, Denicolai Stefano, and
Masucci Monica.
3rd paper: “Safeguarding export and import transactions through relationships and
networking” by Glavee-Geo Richard, and Engelseth Per.
4th paper: “Impact evaluation of national export promotion programs on export firms
using contrast groups” by Geldres-Weiss Valeska V., and Carrasco-Roa Javier A.
5th paper: “A qualitative approach to understanding Hawaiian apparel manufacturers’
exports: strategic marketing resources and export barriers” by Bahng, Y., Yang, J-H., and
Reilly, A.
Dr Dafnis N. Coudounaris, Emeritus Professor Stan Paliwoda,
Editor in Chief Associate Editor
Department of Marketing, University of Vaasa, Department of Marketing, University of
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa, Finland Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
E-mail: E-mail:
Biographical notes
Dr Dafnis Coudounaris is Assistant Professor in International Marketing at the Department of
Marketing of the University of Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland. He earned his BSc in Economics from
The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
from Bristol Polytechnic, MSc in International Business from UMIST, and PhD in Industrial
Marketing from Lulea University of Technology. He has published several papers in
international journals such as Management International Review, Journal of International
Management, International Business Review, Psychology & Marketing, and Journal of
Business Research. He has also presented a good number of papers in international
conferences worldwide. He serves as a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Journal
of Business Research (Innovation & Knowledge) since January 2016 (under Editor in Chief
Arch G. Woodside), the Journal of Innovation & Knowledge and as an Editor of the Journal
of Management and Training for Industries. He is a Member of the Board of Governors of
Global Innovation Knowledge Academy (GIKA), and the GIKA Legates in Finland.
Dr Stan Paliwoda is Emeritus Professor of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde,
Glasgow, UK. He is a former Senior Examiner of the Institute of Export in the UK and has
written a number of textbooks and particularly the seminal one entitled “International
Marketing” with co-author Professor Michael Thomas published by BH on behalf of The
Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). He published more than fifty articles in books and
international journals such as European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing
Management, International Journal of Research in Marketing, International Business Review,
International Marketing Review, and Long Range Planning. He is Deputy Editor of the
Journal of Customer Behaviour. He is Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and of
the Chartered Management Institute as well as Fellow of the Institute for Lifestyle Options &
Longevity, Czech Republic. He is an international trustee of IP Management Poland. He has
served as a member of various editorial boards such as Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and
Logistics, International Journal of Business & Emerging Markets, International Business
Review, International Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Business Science and
Applied Management, International Marketing Review, Journal of Euromarketing, Journal of
Global Marketing, Journal of Qualitative Market Research, Journal of Teaching in
International Business, Journal of Transnational Management Development, Journal of the
Global Academy of Marketing Science, and Marketing Intelligence and Planning.
Welcome to International Journal of Export Marketing
Welcome to the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Export Marketing. This
journal was developed to cover the gap in international journals dealing with export
marketing. Each issue of this journal will include five peer-reviewed papers. The mix of
papers in the current issue relates to the advancement of research in the field of export
The first paper, by Eduardsen and Marinova, seeks to provide insights into the ways in
which SME decision-makers perceive risks in foreign markets. A qualitative approach with
interviews based on Danish firms operating in four different industries was the background to
the data collection. The findings of the study suggest that while risk awareness exists,
internationalisation is not perceived as risky behaviour by decision-makers. However,
findings show the importance of the background of decision-makers, including cognitive and
psychological characteristics, such as self-efficacy and locus of control, and their experiences
in explaining risk perceptions.
Zucchella, Hagen, Denicolai and Masucci, offer insights about how the niche strategic
pattern can influence internationalisation. The investigated case studies shed light on the
niche explorative phase in which opportunity creation and enactment processes take place
and on the niche exploitative phase in which the strategic pattern is refined and supports
increasing internationalisation. The exploitation can lead to further changes in the strategic
pattern of the firm and to its internationalisation strategy.
Glavee-Geo and Engelseth, provide further insight into some of the key factors that firms
should consider in safeguarding their business relationships while trading in international and
global markets. The study utilizes multiple case studies of exporting firms within the
Sunnmøre region of Norway. The firms use a variety of governance forms to secure and
safeguard international transactions and relationships. These forms impact on the quality of
international buyer-supplier relationships and export performance. Consequently,
institutionally embedded governance forms should consider factors such as export market
condition, product characteristics, documentation requirements and payment methods, type of
customer and destination of exported goods. The choice of governance forms in safeguarding
international buyer-seller transactions should be made based on these underlying factors. The
use of multiple case studies elicits the commonality of themes which this study seeks to
highlight despite the differences in the firms’ products, strategies and business models. The
study can possibly transfer some of the general findings across industries and regions.
Geldres and Carrasco-Roa, examine how Difference in Difference Matching (DDM)
method can be applied to export marketing assistance offered to firms by governments. The
study took place in Chile among 72 SME exporters during the period 2002 - 2011. The
treatment variable was the use of four export promotion programs by these firms and export
performance was the difference in export sales between 2002 and 2011. The technique
produced accurate results concerning the impact assessment, considering control groups and
ex-ante and ex-post groups.
In a related domain, Bahng, Yang, and Reilly, investigate how Hawaiian apparel
manufacturers’ export businesses are performing in globalised circumstances. The study
reveals that global market partnership is one of the most important factors that can boost
exports. Collaboration with trustworthy international trade agencies turned out to be a key to
success in exports. Government support (e.g. subsidy, tax benefit) and practical educational
training (e.g. export seminars) may be necessary, and legal protection of designs should be
adopted internationally.
Dedication to Professor Michael Z. Brooke (1921-2003)
This inaugural issue of the International Journal of Export Marketing is dedicated to the
memory of Professor Michael Z. Brooke from UMIST who was my teacher during the period
1982-1985. I was an excellent student in his class and I dedicate this issue to him out of
respect for his efforts in International Management. As his student, I read and studied his
seminal works such as “The International Firm”, “The Strategy of Multinational Enterprise”,
“International Corporate Planning”, “Centralisation and Autonomy: A Study in
Organisational Behaviour”, and “International Management: A Review of Strategies and
Operations”. Professor Brooke was the “authority of International Business in UK”, a title
that could be given to him. He developed the International Business Unit at UMIST and
many PhD students had the opportunity to complete their degrees. Furthermore, he published
the Handbook of International Financial Management in 1990 and he studied with passion the
activities of MNEs with Professor Peter Buckley and both published a book entitled
“International Business Studies An Overview”. Over the years he loved to research MNEs
as he had personal contacts with CEOs in BP and other big organisations in the
pharmaceutical industry Pfizer and La Roche.
This year we launch the International Journal of Export Marketing with the assistance of
the Inderscience Publishers fulfilling his endeavours for further studies on exporting, an area
of International Business. Emeritus Professor Dr Stan Paliwoda, Associate Editor of this
journal and I continue to work within.
Editor in Chief Assistant Professor of International Marketing Dr Dafnis N. Coudounaris,
Department of Marketing, University of Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland.
Brooke, M.Z., and Remmers, H.L. (1977). The International Firm. Pitman Publishing Ltd,
London, UK.
Brooke, M.Z., and Remmers, H.L. (1978). The Strategy of Multinational Enterprise. Second
Edition, Pitman Publishing Ltd, London, UK.
Brooke, M.Z., and van Beusekom, M. (1979). International Corporate Planning. Pitman
Publishing Ltd, London, UK.
Brooke, M.Z. (1984). Centralization and Autonomy: A Study in Organization Behaviour.
Holt, Rinehart and Winston Ltd, East Sussex, UK.
Brooke, M.Z. (1986). International Management: A Review of Strategies and Operations.
Hutchinson, London, UK.
Brooke, M.Z. (1990). Handbook of International Financial Management. Macmillan
Publishers Ltd, UK.
Buckley, P.J., and Brooke, M.Z. (1992). International Business Studies An Overview.
Blackwell, Oxford, UK.
Acknowledgment to reviewers
We would like to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the following fourteen
reviewers who spent their time commenting on various versions of the manuscripts of this
Bhandari Krishna, Koksal Mehmet Haluk, Kontkanen Minnie, Larimo Jorma, Leonidou
Leonidas, Litovchenko Irina, Palihawadana Dayananda, Papadopoulos Nicolas, Sattari
Setayesh, Shoham Aviv, Talias Michael, Tesar George, Vissak Tiia, and Zucchela Antonella.
Editor in Chief Dr Dafnis N. Coudounaris
Associate Editor Dr Stan Paliwoda

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