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Figure S4



Rapalog-induced membrane localization of CK-B and CK-BC238S in MEFs. (A) MEF-BAK−/− cells stably expressing MYR-FKBP were retrovirally transduced with FRB-CK-B (upper panels) or CK-BC283S (lower panels) and stained for CK-B. Rapalog treatment (100 nM, 1 h, left panels) resulted in translocation of (a fraction of) CK-B and CK-BC283S to cellular membranes. Bar, 10 µm (B) High magnification images of migration fronts are shown, corresponding to Figure 7C. CK-B (upper panels) and CK-BC238S (lower panels) without (left) and with (right) Rapalog treatment. Measurements were the same as shown in Figure S2. Bar, 50 µm. (6.71 MB TIF)
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