Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications

Article · September 2003with1 Read
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    Even though a large number of I/O-e#cient graph algorithms have been developed, a number of fundamental problems still remain open. For example, no space- and I/O-e#cient algorithms are known for depth-first search or breath-first search in sparse graphs. In this paper, we present two new results on I/O-e#cient depth-first search in an important class of sparse graphs, namely undirected embedded planar graphs. We develop a new depth-first search algorithm that uses O(sort(N)log(N/M)) I/Os, and show how planar depth-first search can be reduced to planar breadthfirst search in O(sort(N)) I/Os. As part of the first result, we develop the first I/O-e#cient algorithm for finding a simple cycle separator of an embedded biconnected planar graph. This algorithm uses O(sort(N)) I/Os.