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Relazione Geologica relativa all'istanza "INCISA" (Northern Apennines, Italy)



This Geological Report is one of the main attachments to the application for the "Incisa" Exploration Permit in the Northern Apennines (Italy), filed with the Ministry of Industry. The stratigraphy and the tectonic evolution of the area are described on the basis of published scientific papers and the results of previous exploration boreholes. Both Mesozoic and Tertiary sedimentary sequences are addressed. Three main regional detachment levels are recognised within the sedimentary sequence corresponding to (from the deepest to the shallowest) the Burano Formation, the Scaglia Cinerea Formation and the Marne di Verghereto Formation. These slip surfaces limit independently formed duplex structures, that are deformed by the formation of further duplex structures at a deeper stratigraphic level, by collapse of the frontal ramp of the thrust belt at Mesozoic level. The Report therefore represents one of the first application in Italy of the so-called thin-skinned overthrust belt tectonics, Canadian style. It precedes the presentation in October 1986 of the seminal paper titled “Balanced Cross-sections and seismic reflection profiles across the Central Apennines” by A.W. Bally et al. at the 73rd Congress of the Italian Geological Society, published in 1988 in the Memorie della Società Geologica Italiana, Vol. 35. The report is made available to the public through the VIDEPI project, at link The report has one attachment , available at the link
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