Infrared emissivity modulation technology of WO 3 thin film

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The infrared emissivity modulation method by controlling the carriers in material was studied. Based on the theory of electromagnetic wave, the relationship between emissivity and refractive index was discussed. The object with higher refractive index had lower emissivity. The refractive index of a material had relationship with the carrier concentration in it. The emissivity of material could be modulated by controlling the carrier concentration. Magnetron sputtering method was used to prepare WO 3 thin film on ITO glass. The H+ ions and electrons were injected into or extracted out of the film by electrochemical method. The carrier concentration in the film was changed. It had a higher spectral reflectivity with the film of bleached, and a lower spectral reflectivity when the film is colored. The results show that the infrared emissivity can be modulated by controlling the carrier concentration.

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Camouflage effectiveness, an important parameter of infrared camouflage coatings, is determined by many factors such as infrared emissivity of materials, specific background and climate conditions, etc. This paper reports on the camouflage effectiveness of the coatings of different emissivity and the individual aluminum plates camouflaged by the coatings. Rela ted experiments are carried out under the conditions of different sunshine and temperature in the background of a typical grass of the south ward. The effect of the emissivities of infrared coatings on the camouflage effectiveness is alsodiscussed.
Aiming at the threat of IR imaging guiding weapons to targets and the deficiency of the traditional camouflage equipments, the method of adopting dynamic temperature control technology and dynamic IR emissivity control technology to change the camouflage's thermal imagery dynamically, making covering targets from being detected and tracked by IR imaging system possible is proposed. An IR dynamic distortion camouflage system (IRDDCS) using temperature control devices and IR emissivity control devices was designed.The principle and implementation of the two types of devices were discussed. The working process of IRDDCS was described. The thermal imageries of IRDDCS at different times were offered to show its dynamic distortion camouflage effect.