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"What Hashish Did To Walter Benjamin - Mind-Altering Essays on Marijuana"



People around the world are beginning to acknowledge the positive potential of cannabis. But there is still a remarkable lack of research concerning the most interesting effect of the plant: What is it like to be high? Can a marijuana high temporarily enhance mental processes, such as pattern recognition, imagination, creativity, empathic understanding, and our ability to generate deep insights? And how much did it positively influence artists, scientists, musicians, and writers, such as the marijuana users Charles Baudelaire, Billie Holiday, The Beatles, Carl Sagan, or Walter Benjamin - and with them, crucial cultural developments such as the early evolution of jazz? Marincolo's groundbreaking and entertaining essays are based on more than ten years of his neurophilosophical research on the marijuana high and will profoundly change your view on how much marijuana has positively affected individual lives as well as culture throughout the course of history.
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