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Recordings of beetles species (Coleoptera) new for the Lithuanian fauna

  • Kaunas T. Ivanauskas Museum of Zoology


The article provides with information about 25 species of Coleoptera, which are new for the fauna of Lithuania, 9 of them being new for the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).
Baltic J. Caleoptercl. 6 (1) 2006
lssN 1407 - 8619
Vytautas Tamutis, Romas Ferenca
Tan'rutis V, Fcrenca R. 2006. Recordings olbeetles species (Coleoptera) new lbr the Lithua-
nian fauna. Baltic J. Coleopterol., 6 (1): 59 - 64.
The article provides with intbrmation about 25 species ofColeoptera, which are new for the
fiuna ofLithuania, 9 oftherr being new tbr the Ilaltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).
y)'t(rLttas T(1muli.t, LitltLrattinn Uniyersitt, oJ Agriculture, StwlentL( Il, Akademija, Kaunas
tlislt'. LT 53361, Lithuania; e ntail: tlronius{4I.ahoo.c:ont
Rantas Fercnca , Ktttuns 7'. Ivonauskus zoologicaL ntuseunt, Ltti.syes al. 106, Kaunas, LT
44253, Lithuania; e ntril: e n tonr.t l(i,Ep!lj1!t:it'j!!!J1
The knorvledge about the Coleoptera fauna and
the distribution ofits species in Lithuania is still
incorrplete. A list of2879 species ofLithuanian
beetles is given in the rronograph ,.Lictuvos
fauna. Vabalai" (Pileckis, Monsevidius 1995,
1997). Infornation about additional 430 species
recorded in Lithuania has been publishecl later
(Baricvskis 2001; Sablevidius & Ferenca 1995;
Sablcvidius 2003, 200,1; Tamutis 1996, 1999, 2001,
2001, 2003. 2004; Monsevidius 199E, 1999;
Barievskis 2001; Monsevidius & PankevidirLs
2001 , Iierenca et a1., 2002; Ferenca 2003, 2004,
lnokaitis 2004).
lhe dr nr ol the pre:e r publicrrlon is tu npro\ e
the current ktowledge about the Coleopter.a
fauna ofLithuania. The paper prescnts infomra-
tion aboul 25 species rvhich arc new tbr Lithua-
Thc majority ofthe beetles were collected jn dif
f'erent parls ol Lithuania by the authors of this
arlicle; Ronas Ferenca (R.F.) and Vytautas
larnull\ {V. 1.1 Houc\e-. sor)te spccillens \,, ere
collected by Alcksandras MerZijevskis (A.M.),
Norbertas Noreika (N.N.), Sirr.ronas Pileckis (S.
P.), and Paulius Zolubas (PZ.). Insects rvere col-
lectcd using Barbcr's and pherolrone traps, us
ing entomological nets, searching in dead u,ood,
under bark. and hand catches
The nomenclature of the beetles fbllows Law-
rence & Newton ( 1995). Beetles were identified
accorcling to the following literature: Freude,
Harde, Lohse (1969-81); Hnrka (1996);
Smreczynski (1974).
Irig. I and Tab. I provide with infbmation about
the collection sites.
[ *HarpalusnelaucholicusDejean.ls2q-Drusk.:i VT.)
/) Liepalinejs, I 7 07 2005 (8, attracled by trghl. V.T) |
f \ ^Acrpolpu, lule4rrs Duflshmidr. I8l2-Kaun.:l Dinarda maerkeliiKiesenwetter. 1843 Ukme.:
I Margininkai 3l 08 I997 (1, wel meadow, wirhl Pasiles m ilkas foresr.. 20 04 2004 ( I . Barber's t-ap.
I carcr planls, v.T.). I \.N.).
I Acupalpus srrruralis Dejean, 1829 - Nering.:i +Collicerus obs, urus Cravenhorst. 1802- Kaun.;
\ Juodkanreenv 06072004(2.sand-dunesnearl Ringaudai.30032004(l.orchardlitter.VT.).
i[ the Baltic Sea. R.F. V
Cryftophonus (:Harpalus) melancholicus (Dejeat, Asaphidio-n curtum (Heyden, 18?0) was misidentified
Tamutis V., Ferenca R.
Llsr oF sPEclES 7l))|"oii"r^,ro'",",sMotschutsky, t'4s-Klai.:
Species new for Baltic states are marked with an Plocis lake env." 25 05 2005 (13, shore of the
asterisk (*). Curonian lagoon, R.F );Nedng.: Juodkrante env,
08 09 2005 (6, shore ofthe Curonian lagoon, R.F.).
Asaphidion ctultmHeyden, 1870 - Siaul:Dzidai] acrotrichis sericans Heer, i841 - Kaun.: Jiesia
0408 2002. (1, in a meadow, V. T.);Ukme.: PaSilesf landscapepreserve(2),24082005(1,RF)'
miikas forest. 30 04 2004 ( l. Barber's Lrap. N.N.).j
Kaun.: KazliiLiai,23 06 2005 (1. Barber's trap In{i Staphylinidae
rhe snrino barlev- V1.1 . r:/1."tr;',' . )1. Coproporus col,hicus Kraatz. 1858 - Kaun.:
'J. '.1,' 3. ..1.'.i.'. t,1:zi':-; - , .: - jl Karnsosrnrskasforesl.0708200j{l.lorestlirter.
Fig. 1. Col)ection sites ofbeetles species new for the Lithuania Fauna (for description ofsymbols see
Tab. 1)
t t":O; *us .itia"ntified instead of Pseudophonus instead of.Asaphidionflavipes (Linnaeusl
calceatus (Duftschmid, 1812) and erroneously noted 176D and eno-neously noted fol Lithuania (Tamutis
for Lithuania (Tamutis and Flrenca 2006). Eicluded and Ferenca 2006). Excluded from the list of ,
frorn the list oilithuanian beetles ( Tamutis et al. Lithuanian beetles (Tamutiset al' 201l, Catalogue ,
2008, New data...., New and rare. .. 20: 31). ?y!V"J?!PA; r , - ,- r r 1 r-,-I{t
Record ngs of beeties spec es (Coleoptera) new tor the L thuan an fauna
llblc l. lulbrnntron about the collectron siles
1'G_t r4thu L,tttt ru!ipctuti.\ Nlulsant & Rei'. 1361
Kairn.: Jiesiir landsclpc preser vc ( 1). 25 09 2005
(3, in a *ood lirnqus. R.ii).
Sunitrs ntclunot:tph ulrr.y Fablicius. I79i - I(lLut.:
Ringludai05 0:1200,1 (,1. olc|ard ILtcr. \iT.).
rGubriu.t rtstutoitL,.r Slrand. 19,16 - I(aun.:
Rineauchi. l9 03 2004 ( 1. orchard liLrcr. V. ll).
-\1, 1,t', 1'tt'tt.t ', /,,I t..rr rs. l-",1 K.rr.
Drl r.'r,'. \1i.k.,. tur-\'{ ,. r,l l]' '0Uj {.,
pherorDone lrap lor Ips tt,pograph u s, P.Z.).
l^ ,1,n..1 .ttt //.//,,, \u.l.r. S1,, K:r rrr 9.r.|-
anLinestatiorl, 2708 1990(1.inLhe grilins, S.P.).
*Glohit orni.,r cc'rlrcrrlls Eichholl-. 1 861 Kaun.:
Dubravos i\,liiLas foresr. 0,1 05 2002 (1,
fheronronc trrp lbr 1/r.s tt,pogrophu. 1,.2.).
Etrahius ebictiiiLt.\ Gyllcnlul, 1808 Kaun.:
Dublai,os Miikas forest. l5 0.1 1997 (1, uncler
bark. \lT.).
r(ilist:hutchilus tlLttttlt i.signatu.t Sr),. 1835
Ignr : Pakasas Lrkc precinct. 05 0E 1997 (1.
flied.\ll): KauD.: Noreikiikcs, 03 05 199:l (1. l]ar
bcr's trap in tlte spring barLey. VT.): Kaun.:
KazliSkiai,2l 05 1998 (1, Barbcr''s rrap in rhc rvin
ler \\ficat. V.T.).
(i I i s t:lt ro t h i I u s grun r1r.v -l'ournicr. I 872 I(eda. :
SlapabcrTe. 07 0.12000 (1. \{ T.): Krun.: Jiesia iancj-
sc-rpcleservc(2), 06 08 2001 (l, on l1ollers, \lT.):
Siau.: Llazilionai. 01 05 2005 ( I, on ilou ers. \/.T.).
Karrn : Noreikiikcs, S0 il7 200-5 (2, tsnrbcr's lrap
in lhc corn fic1d, V'[ ).
*t\"otol4ctnu.t a4.\t(ticrr.s Irrichson.I E45 Kaun :
.liesia lanclscape prcscrre (1). I8 06 2005 (2. A.M).
Ot tlnpent.s ll tnnil;cs G,,llenhal. 1808 Kaun.:
Kazliikiai.29 07 1998 ( 1. Barber.'s rrap in thc \\4reat,
Tamulis V., Ferenca R.
(il.r g/alrotirs Mel1i6, 1843 Kaun.; Nlalgininkai,
02 05 1997 (1, in the u,ood sponge, V.T.);
Girininkai, 27 0ll i992 (1, in thcuood sponge,
V.T.): Noleikiikes. 21 03 2000 (1 . in thc wood
sponge, VT.); Siau1.:Dzidai,04 07 2002 ( 10, in
fic $ ood sporlgc. V. f.).
lvleso.stt nyops Dahnan, lll l7 Alyt.: Vidz-uilis
botanical presen c, 09 06 2003 ( 1. R.F. ).
Oulana lri.tti.v Herbsl. 1786 Birst.: Nentuno
kilpq regional paLk, 17 08 2005 (3. slope of
Nerrunas river, l{.f.).
(lrepitloderal)/r/lrs Latreille, 1i10,1 Kaun.:
KarrSos nrjikas f'orest. 2,1 05 1995 (1. on tlie
lcaves ofSoln, \lT.).
Sttnocutrrs trntbritLr.r Cyiicnhal. 1827 Kaun.:
Brazinkai. 0l 06 2005 ( l. on a poppy pLant. VT.).
Faunistic research is a qlrite djfllcult and collt-
plicated process of entomologlcal stuclies.
FaLrnistic data arc nol completc even in thosc
countries in Europe u'here this type ofteseatcit
has a comparatively long history arrd high sci
entiiic leve1. Tire tenitoly ofLithuania belongs
to the zone ofEuropean nixeclforest. FLora and
fauna of this zone havc a transitional characler.
Ilepresentatives o1-the f'auna of typical nordr
crn.r ,d h-na,r.l.arcd tbre.t. ..rc l\re.rrrl rn
Lithuania (Pileckis, Monsevicir'rs, I995). Stud-
ies of 1he Coieoptcril l'auna oli the telTitory of
Lithuania date back to the beginning ofthe last
century. Howevcr, only a feu'fitullistic studies
\\ere (:l lcJ crr,. I rrosc ol l' il)cr llLlorLance
were nracle by Ogilervicz (193 l. l919), Pileckjs
(1960), Pilcckis & Monscviiius (1995, 1997),
tLrnutis ( 1996,200i. 200'1), Fcrcnca (2003, 2004),
and Ferenca et al. (2002). Tlte fauna of sourc
taxonomic groups of beelles is not rvell exam-
ined until norv.
The majorpa ofthe data preserlted in this adicle
is obtained as a resrlt of ecologicaL sludies, but
not larmistic stuclics, ofbeetles. Such species as
Ca llLcerus obscurus Grav.. SL!niuj
ntelonocelthtLlu.s F. and Galriii"r asluloides
Strand. rvere delcctcd clLlring entonocolnplex
studies of thc epigeic iarLna of orchards; l,Ielasrs
buprestoitles L., GIoltitoutis tttrticrrlis Eich. and
llmobiu.\ al)ieti us Gyll. clLrring the atralysis of
the clisLribution of lps ltpograpluts iti the
Dubrava t'orest; CrrTtt opotus t o1thicus Kratiz itntl
Diuurda ntaerlrclii Kiesu'. as rcsult of a stucly of
ln- lo e. e rln l,,\Lrt.lll(\. 5otrtc:1'c.ies ue-e
dcrc. lrJ ,l.rrlng c r I o I r'u I u s I ( i' I c\r'lr:lullr:
ila rp uu.t nt: I o nt holi cLr.s. A cup a lp us lu I aa t trs,
At:Lrpct/pLr.s s luI .rlis, A.t otl icllis silkuctl.\i.\
Motch.. ,4( ro1l i.rls scri.,/r! Iteer, G),ttphueru
t ugil1e .\i.t N'lulst.. C'ls glablrrliis Mel1..
h"oelarenus cask1nelr.r Er.. rrll'ops Daln.,
Oulena tristis IIbst. and St(noct1l'us ntnbtitltts
Gyll. Some beetles species rvhich are dift'icult to
detennine rvcre cletected by analyzing nraierial
fonnerly be ing collected by dif'f'ctent reseatches:
Asaphilion .r/i-l?/r, Heyden and Trogoclctnu
angustunt Solier. All the nrentioncd species ate
knorvn in Er.rrope. Tlietefore, the detection ofsuch
specics as Atupalpus lutaulLts, Harpalns
neluntholicus or (h r/cr?a r1.rtl.! Hbsl. in Lithur-
nia provides with ncrv inforn'ration about the
northern ranges oftheit occurrence. -frvo species
af NitilLl idae G list:hocltilu.s quudrtsig]lLtlus
S"1.IllJ t,1r*. ltu, ttil,t\ ri,t',.11 lottttttut. .ue.r
novclt)' both in Lithuania and Ettlope. Thc inva-
sion into agrocenoses js visible.
Ihe pruces:e: ol \rlric"i.rll !olri ,,ll ill li.lLrlle
continuall-v change the strLlcture ofihe lllLlna. For
jnstance. so[]e species disappeirr ftorn certain
areas rvhercas other species occupy them during
the regcncration of a forest aftcr delorestation or
formation offbrests on arablc ticlds being fallorv
as a result ofchanges ofthe structure of tlte ilora
and humidity rcgirnc. Taking into account the dis
persal porver of beetlc species and the subse-
quent clianges in habitat ranges depending on
llu. ru.rtrorr. ,rt hLri|iJr') ..n.r lerlrperPlrtre. tl t.
possible to prcdicate that the fituna ofsrLch small
countries as Lithuania, Latvia. Estonia or Den
R. o o o. ot n e -pe or \(O6opi,,Jl --^ or.h- _, 1.,o. o1 |,,nd
nrilrk is un(lctLvin! signiliclnt chilrses lrnd
lruni\1rc studi.s u,iLl netcl hc coltplete. C)n thc
olher hun(1. {urrnislic stuciies lLlrc both scicrr
tillc arrclcultLrlrl socnl llltotlancc. *hereas tlres!'
asfects drrectl], sho$ 1ha iL\\'ilranasS ollhc soci-
et\'\\'ith rcspect 1o thc nature ol it'.\ ovrn collntrv
nncl tlte necessrty ol it s conscrviltion.
Biuier'-rkis r\. 2001 \c$'anrl |are specics ofbcc
tlcs (lr)sec1ii. Col.ol'rrera) in thc Btltic coLrIl
tries rLrld B)r-lorus. BiLltic.l. (ioleopterol. I
(1 2): -: 1E.
Fctcnca l{.. Ir ilskis I'.. N,lclirjer skis A. 1002. Neu
l d rare CiJlcoptcra sirecies itl LithLrrrri:r.
l:lolorijr 3: 25 3 L
lierenca R.2fl0l. Relos ir nau-iLrs Lielirvos
entonroiaLrnos Vlbllrl {( oleoptera) r'iri1s.
rasros l().J7 2001 ntctais. Nerv |nc1 r'at-c titr
LithLLaniir inse cts specrcs l5: 32 36. (ln
LiLl)u1111ian: abstlact in F-nglish).
Ierelca R. 1004. Nerv ancl ralc firl Lirltrnnia bcc-
tle (Coleopte ) slccies rexisterccl in I 97E
'lU I \\.\\.,t,,.r. rc t,,r lit.rr...rr .r 1..... t. .i.,.
cics 16: ll ll.
l reLrde H.. Harclc K.\V.. l-ohsc(j.A. 19(r9 E l. Dic
Katlr N,l itteleuropas. Brl. I I&10. Klciild.
IIurke K 1996 Clarlbidre ol theCzcchandS]orak
repLrblics.- Zlirr. I)p. I 563.
lnokaitis V. 100.1. NllLllos ir relos LictLtvos
entor]rofaunos \ abtlq (C'ole.iptcra) nri)s.
altikt{)s 1000 2001 ntetars Neu ancllu|c 1or
Li1|Lrania iDsccts specjes lar: 7-. 10. (ln
I.ithLnnian: abstract in English). Nenlon A.F. 1995. lrarnilies rncl
subfinrilies o1'Colcof tera (with selcucd -qco
erit- notes. r'cltrcnces arcl clallr ou t'untilr,
group nunrc-s). ln: I)akaLuk J.. Slrpiuski S.A
..l..tRr .,: .l'rtrl i.r).. i.......\.|.LrIt, L
of Coleoptcra. Paper.s Celebratinrl thc 80"
Llirthdal ol llol A. Lilo*son. \rol.2.
\Vulszurva fp 77c) 1006.
l\4 onse\ i.:rrrs Vic]rr. 1 99E. \/itbaLrL ( ('o l eoltera)
ilrrnirs tr,rinriti Vcntos regioninrantc parkc
(ln|estrgation ol C oleoplera in thc Venti eltv
Palk;. Procee,:1ings of conl!r elce Biologincs
p airr-rvcs t1,r'intai ir- aplrnkosauginis ilietiltls
rcgionuose. \/ilnius. pp. 5.1 55. (h I-irhua-
nian ).
Monscr'iiiLrs V. )!)99. hrdcLis l Lienn,os nrdikoliniLl
!abalLl (Ciolcopte|a) fnrLnos paZiDitnll ( InprLt
til linoq.lcclge ol lithrrrnina nidicolic bce
tles) Ploceeclings o1' confirence I ietrrvos
bioir arror i (brrkle. struktLra. apsaugn)
Vilnius. pp. (r(r 67. (ln Lithuaniar).
Monscr iirus \1.. PaDkcViaius lt. 2()0 L Clolcopterir
species ne',r'tirr LithLrania. tkoloeija 2: .10
U!i(Nr../ R. loil lr r.z1 ek,lo,/1: jurr,,:, r
chlzrlszczr, (Aclcpharla i Palilicornir) okolic
\\'i lna i l r ok. Plnce To\\'arzyst$ a Pl-z!acioI
\aLrk * Wilnic 7 (21): lJ8.
(,-.JC\\t.. li l-iq. l-l\c/\ .ltr 2,r1,,.r.,,, r
c hrzir szcTy (l:.laleridac iBuplesriclae)
Wilc ri sz c zv zn v. Pracc 'fo\\ arzvst\ a
Plzljrciol Nauk ri,\\rilnie l3: lll 130.
Pilecliis S. 1960. Indelis 1 LictLrvos !rba1q
(Col.olttera) 1'aunos paTini|r;1 (lnfUt to
knou'Leclge of l-ithuanina beelles
(Coleoptcla) iarrna). LZLiA mokslirriai <larbri
7: 303 334. (ln l-ithuanian).
Prleckis S., NlonsevidiLrs \/. 1995:Lietuvos l'iruna.
Vabalai (l;auna of LithLrania. Coleoptera).T. L
Vilnius. I)p. I 301. (in Lith aniirni abstmcts
in l:nglish ancl Russian)
f'rleckis S.. N{onseviiirLs V. 1997: Lictuvos laLna.
Vabalai (|auna o1'Lithuanir. Coleoptera).T.2
Vilnrus. I'1.r. I 216. (ln LithLranilrn: abshrcts
rn Iing)ish and Russian).
Tamutis V., Ferenca R.
Sillverberg H. 2004. Enumeratio nova
Coleopteroruur Fennoscandiae, Daniae et
Battiae, Sahlbergia 9: 1-1 I l.
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owad6w Polski. Cz. XlX. Coleoptea. Zesz
98e. Curculionidae. Warszawa. pp- 1-180. (ln
Sablevidius B., Ferenca R. 1995. 14 new and 3
rare for Lithuania species of Coleoptera
found in 1987 1994.InJonaitis V (ed,) New
and rare for Lithuanja insect species.
Records and descriptions of 1994 1995.
Vilnius. pp. 145 147.
Sablevidius B. 2003. New and rare for Lithuania
Beetle (Coleoptera) species. New and rare
for Lithuania insect species l5: l1 24.
Sablevidius B. 2004. New and rare for Lithuania
Beetle (Coleoptera) species colected in 1988
-2004. New and rare for Lithuania insect
species 16: 27-31.
Tamutis V 1996. Pasleptastraubliq(Coleoptera,
Cuculionidae, Ceutorhl.nchus Germ.) faLrna
Lietuvoje (The weevils Ceutorhyrchus
Genr.r. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in Lithua-
nia). In Jonaitis (ed.): Research of Lithua-
nian entomologist. Papers Celebrating the
3Oth Years ofLithuanian Entomological Soci-
ety. Vilnius. Pp. 68-77 . (In Lithuanian; ab-
stract in English).
Tamutis V 1999. Diwos pavirsiaus entomofauna
rapsq agroaenozese (Soil surface insect
fauna inrape agrocenoses). Ekologija l; 18
24. (In Lithuanian; abstract in English).
Tamutis V, Zolubas P 2001. Non target beetles
trapped in Ips typogmphus L. pheromone
traps. Baltic J. Coleopterol. I (1-2): 65-70.
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straubliukq (Curculionidae, Apionidae,
Coleoptera) faunos paZinim4 [nput to knowl-
edge of Lithuanian fauna of weevils
(Curculionidae, Apionidae, Coleoptera). Pro-
ceedings of conference Lietuvos bioivairov€
(blkld, struktura, apsauga). Vilnius. pp. 93-
a4 t In Lithuanian).
Tamutis V 2003. Eighty - two New for Lithuania
Beetle (Coleoptera) species. New and rare
for Lithuania insect speciesi5: 54-62.
Tamutis V 2004. Nine new apionid and weevil
(Coleoptera: Apionidae, Curculionidae) spe-
cies found in Lithuania. New and rare for
Lithuania insect species 16: 23-25.
Received: 14.04.2006.
... The most comprehensive list of Lithuanian Coleoptera containing 3597 species of beetles was published by Tamutis et al. (2011). Every year, numbers of articles presenting new and rare species for Lithuanian Coleoptera fauna are presented (Ferenca et al., 2011; Tamutis, 2012; Monsevičius, 2013; Ivinskis et al., 2014 Ivinskis et al., , 2015). Despite all the work and publications by coleopterologists, knowledge about Coleoptera fauna in Lithuania is still incomplete. ...
... Concerning the Carabidae subtribe Stenolophina 30 new species and subspecies have been described from the Palaearctic Region since 1999 (ITO 2000;ITO & JAEGER 2000;KATAEV & WRASE 2006MORITA 2006;WRASE & JAEGER 2007;FELIX & MUILWIJK 2009;JAEGER 2009JAEGER , 2010JAEGER , 2012JAEGER , 2013JAEGER , 2015aJAEGER & FELIX 2009;WRASE & KATAEV 2009). In addition, several new synonyms were established, and numerous new faunistic records were provided, including first country and province records, or first records for the Palaearctic region (KABAK & OVTCHINNIKOV 2002;KATAEV , 2003aKATAEV , b, 2013KATAEV , 2015RIZUN 2003;SERRANO 2003;TELFER 2003;LIANG 2004;RECK & CHALADZE 2004;PAIK & MOON 2005;KATAEV & LIANG 2005;WRASE 2005LUO & ZHUANG 2006;TAMUTIS & FERENKA 2006;GUEORGUIEV 2007GUEORGUIEV , 2015JAEGER 2007JAEGER , 2008JAEGER , 2009JAEGER , 2011aJAEGER , 2012JAEGER , 2013LIANG & LIU 2007 However, the Stenolophina part (JAEGER & KATAEV in prep.) of the second edition of the first volume of the Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera will include a number of additional first country or province records which are not published so far. The following contribution provides detailed data referring to these records, and various other interesting faunistic records of certain species from the Palaearctic, Oriental and Afrotropical regions. ...
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Abstract: Anthracus descarpentriesi JEANNEL, 1948 is considered a junior synonym of Anthracus angusticollis (PÉRINGUEY, 1908), Dicheirotrichus punicus aegyptiacus SCHATZMAYR, 1936 is treated as a junior synonym of Dicheirotrichus (Pelagophilus) punicus BEDEL, 1899, and Stenolophus narentinus J. MÜLLER, 1916 [previously the authorship of Stenolophus narentinus was erroneously attributed to DROVENIK & PEKS (1999)] is considered a junior synonym of Stenolophus (Stenolophus) proximus DEJEAN, 1829. For Psychristus (Psychristus) dentatus JAEGER, 2009 male characters are described and figured for the first time. First or additional distribution data are provided for: Acupalpus (Acupalpus) exiguus DEJEAN, 1929: first record for the Turkish province Kars. Acupalpus (Acupalpus) flavicollis (STURM, 1825): first record for Albania. Acupalpus (Acupalpus) laferi KATAEV & JAEGER, 1997: first records for the Chinese provinces of Gansu and Heilongjiang. Acupalpus (Acupalpus) maculatus (SCHAUM, 1960): first record for Tadzhikistan. Acupalpus (Acupalpus) planicollis (SCHAUM, 1857): first detailed record for Italy, Triest, additional records for Greece. Acupalpus (Ancylostria) interstitialis REITTER, 1884: first record for Albania. Acupalpus (Setacupalpus) sobosanus HABU, 1954: first record for China (Hunan). Acupalpus (Stenolophidius) andrewesi JAEGER, 2013: first record for the Indian state of Karnataka. Acupalpus (Stenolophidius) maculipennis JAEGER, 2013: first record for the Indian state of Rajasthan. Acupalpus (Stenolophidius) punctatus (JEDLIČKA, 1936): first record for India (Karnataka), additional records for Laos and Thailand. Acupalpus (Stenolophidius) rhombotus ANDREWES, 1936: first record for the Indian state of Karnataka, additional records for Thailand. Acupalpus (Stenolophidius) sinuellus BATES, 1892: first record for the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Acupalpus (Subacupalpus) gerdmuelleri JAEGER, 2010: first records for Laos (Houaphan and Khammuan). Acupalpus (Subacupalpus) sikkimensis ANDREWES, 1930: additional records for Nepal. Anthracus angusticollis (PÉRINGUEY, 1908): first records for Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, additional records for Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Anthracus consputus (DUFTSCHMID, 1812): first record for Tadzhikistan. Anthracus hauseri A. FLEISCHER, 1914: first record for Iran. Anthracus insignis REITTER, 1884: first detailed records for Greek mainland (Epirus), additional records for the Peloponnesus, Corfu and Montenegro. Anthracus nesophilus (ANDREWES, 1936): additional record for Sulawesi. Anthracus sumatraensis JAEGER, 2015: first record for Malaysia (Sabah). Anthracus wrasei JAEGER, 2012: first record for Laos (Houaphan), additional records for the Chinese province of Yunnan. Batoscelis oblonga (DEJEAN, 1831): first record for Nepal (Chitwan district). Batoscelis hellmichi (JEDLIČKA, 1965): first record for India (Uttarakhand). Bradycellus (Bradycelloides) fimbriatus BATES, 1873: first records for Vietnam, the Chinese provinces of Hunan and Guizhou, additional records for Fujian, Hubei and Shaanxi, Sichuan and Zhejiang. Bradycellus (Bradycellus) distinctus (DEJEAN, 1829): first record for Turkey (Antalya). Bradycellus (Bradycellus) secundus WRASE, 1998: first record for the Chinese province of Yunnan, first detailed records for the provinces of Shaanxi and Hubei. Bradycellus (Desbordesius) laeticolor (BATES, 1873): first records for the Chinese provinces of Shaanxi and Guizhou, first detailed records for Jiangxi, Sichuan and Zhejiang. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) anchomenoides (BATES, 1873): first record for the Chinese provinces of Gansu, Hubei, and Chongqing, additional records for Shaanxi, Sichuan and Yunnan, and for Vietnam. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) angulicollis JAEGER, 1995: first record for the Chinese province of Sichuan. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) bartschi WRASE, 1998: first record for the Chinese provinces of Hunan and Shaanxi. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) chinensis (JEDLIČKA, 1953): first record for the Chinese province of Guanxi. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) glabratus REITTER, 1894: first records for the Chinese provinces/municipalities of Beijing, Jilin and Qinghai, additional record for Mongolia (East Aimak). Bradycellus (Tachycellus) grandiceps (BATES, 1873): first record for the Chinese province of Hubei and a further record for Zhejiang. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) kataevi JAEGER & WRASE, 1994: first records for the Chinese provinces of Gansu and Shaanxi, further records for Sichuan, and first detailed record for North Korea. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) klapperichi JAEGER & WRASE, 1994: first records for the Chinese provinces of Gansu, Hubei, Shaanxi and Yunnan; further records for Sichuan. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) koltzei (REITTER, 1900): first detailed record for the Chinese province of Hebei, further records for Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) laevicollis POPPIUS, 1908: first records for the Chinese province of Gansu and the municipality of Beijing. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) nipponensis JAEGER & WRASE, 1994: First possible records for China (Shaanxi and Hubei). Bradycellus (Tachycellus) schuelkei JAEGER & WRASE, 1996: first record for the Chinese provinces of Gansu and Sichuan, additional records for Shaanxi. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) subditus (LEWIS, 1879): first records for the Chinese provinces of Heilongjiang, Hubei, Yunnan, for the municipality of Beijing, and Xizang Autonomous Region, additional records for Shaanxi and Sichuan, and for South Korea. Bradycellus (Tachycellus) yulongshanus JAEGER, 1996: further record for the Chinese province of Yunnan. Dicheirotrichus (Dicheirotrichus) desertus (MOTSCHULSKY, 1849): first records for Turkey and Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region (China). Dicheirotrichus (Dicheirotrichus) lacustris (REDTENBACHER, 1858): first record for Iran. Dicheirotrichus (Dicheirotrichus) obsoletus (DEJEAN, 1829): first record for Libya. Dicheirotrichus (Trichocellus) discolor punctidorsis (REITTER, 1899): first record for Iran (Golestan and Khorasan provinces). Dicheirotrichus (Trichocellus) glasunowi (TSCHITSCHÉRINE, 1899): first record for Pakistan. Dicheirotrichus (Trichocellus) grumi TSCHITSCHÉRINE, 1899: first records for the Chinese provinces Gansu and Sichuan. Dicheirotrichus (Trichocellus) tschitscherini (REITTER, 1899): First record for Iran (Khorasan Razni Province). Idiomelas (Egaploa) fulvipes fulvipes (ERICHSON, 1843): first records for Oman, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Kongo, Liberia, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe; first or further detailed records for Angola, Botswana, RSA, Sudan, Tanzania, the Seychelles, and Madagascar. Loxoncus (Loxoncus) nagpurensis (BATES, 1891): first record for Myanmar. Loxoncus (Loxoncus) schmidti KATAEV, 2003: first records for India (Dehli) and Pakistan, additional record for Nepal. Parabradycellus yunnanus (JEDLIČKA, 1931): first records for Afghanistan (Nangarhar and Kunar provinces) and India (West Bengal: Darjeeling District). Psychristus (Psychristus) andrewesi JAEGER, 1997: first record for Bhutan and Thailand, additional records for Nepal. Psychristus (Psychristus) dentatus JAEGER, 2009: first record for China (Yunnan). Psychristus (Psychristus) discretus ANDREWES, 1930: first records for China (Tibet Autonomous Region, Yunnan). Stenolophus (Stenolophus) abdominalis persicus MANNERHEIM, 1844: first records for Lebanon and Jordan. Stenolophus (Stenolophus) persimilis ITO, 2000: First record for China (Yunnan). Stenolophus (Egadroma) marginatus DEJEAN, 1829: first records for Oman, Lebanon and China (Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region). Stenolophus (Egadroma) nepalensis (JEDLIČKA, 1965): first record for India (Uttar Pradesh). Stenolophus (Egadroma) nitens (MOTSCHULSKY, 1864): first records for Pakistan (Azad Jammu and Kashmir), the Indian state of Uttarakhand and the Chinese province of Yunnan. Stenolophus (Egadroma) pseudoobockianus FELIX & MUILWIJK, 2009: first record for Oman.
... More entomological studies were carried out in the Kamša preserve. There are some data on rare Coleoptera (Pileckis, 1968;Šablevičius, Ferenca, 1995;Tamutis, 2003Tamutis, , 2006 and Lepidoptera species (Navasaitis & Ščeponavičius, 1984) from this preserve. Two species of butterflies (P. ...
... Of them, six species are mentioned from eastern Europe (Bieńkowski 2004). Hitherto, five species of Oulema were known from Lithuania (Pileckis 1976; Pileckis & Monsevičius 1997; Tamutis & Ferenca 2006; Schmitt 2010). The number of species of this genus reported from adjacent territories slightly differs: Belarus – four species (Lopatin & Nesterova 2005), Estonia – four species (Silfverberg 2004; Schmitt 2010), Latvia – five species (Bukejs 2010; Telnov 2004), St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region – four species (Romantsov 2007), the Kaliningrad region – four species (Alekseev 2003; Bukejs & Alekseev 2009). ...
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Oulema duftschmidi (Redtenbacher, 1874) is mentioned from Lithuania for the first time. Eight specimens of the species were identified in the collection of Kaunas T. Ivanauskas Zoological Museum (Lithuania). General information on this leaf-beetle species and figures of aedeagus with everted endophallus are presented. Additional faunal data on sibling species O. melanopus (Linnaeus, 1758) and a list of Oulema of Lithuanian fauna are also given.
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A check-list of carabid beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Kaliningrad region (south-eastern Baltic Sea coast) with distribution of the species according to the division of the regions area on landscapes is provided. At present the list includes 283 species. 202 ground beetles species are found in our region in last 30 years (13 species new for the fauna), 81 species of the family are cited by the latest German work (Bercio, Folwaczny 1979) only. Data on 3 new for the Kaliningrad fauna Carabidae species (Agonum duftschmidi Schmidt, Tachyta nana (Gyll.) and Badister meridionalis Puel.) is presented for the first time. Nebria rufescens (Strom) and Agonum munsteri (Hell.) reported from Kaliningrad region (Alekseev 2002) are removed from check-list because erroneous identification. The occurrence of 5 species (Calosoma investigator (Ill.), Callisthenes reticulatum (F.), Amara tricuspidata Dej., Dicheirotrichus gustavii Cr., Brachinus crepitans (L)) in Kaliningrad region at present time is considered doubtful. The literature data for the fauna and distribution of ground beetles in Baltic States, Nord-Eastern Poland and West Byelorussia are analyzed.
The Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera provides information about all beetles occurring in Europe, North Africa and Asia north of the tropics. © 2015 by Koninklijke Brill nv, Leiden, The Netherlands. All rights reserved.
The World Catalogue of the Dermestidae (Coleoptera) contains all the taxa described until February 28, 2014. © 2015 by Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, The Netherlands. All rights reserved.
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The article presents faunal data on 60 species belonging to 24 beetle families of the Kaliningrad Region, western Russia. Twenty species, i.e. Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) [Bostrychidae], Glischrochilus quadrisignatus (Say), Carpophilus dimidiatus (F.) [Nitidulidae], Palorus ratzeburgii (Wissmann) [Tenebrionidae], Poecilium alni (L.), Ropalopus macropus (Germ.), Stenostola dubia (Laich.), Tetrops starkii Chevr.[Cerambycidae], Phaedon laevigatus (Duft.) [Chrysomelidae], Calosirus terminatus (Hbst.), Datonychus angulosus Boh., Lixus pulverulentus (Scop.), Lymantor coryli (Perris), Magdalis exarata (Bris.), Pelenomus velaris (Gyll.), Sitona gressorius (F.), Smicronyx jungermanniae (Reich), Trichosirocalus barnevillei (Grenier), Tychius medicaginis Bris., and T. lineatulus Steph. [Curculionidae], are reported for the first time from the studied area.
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This paper presents the first complete and updated list of all 3597 species of beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) belonging to 92 familiesfound and published in Lithuania until 2011, with comments also provided on the main systematic and nomenclatural changes since the last monographic treatment in two volumes (Pileckis and Monsevičius 1995, 1997). The introductory section provides a general overview of the main features of the territory of Lithuania, the origins and formation of the beetle fauna and their conservation, the faunistic investigations in Lithuania to date revealing the most important stages of the faunistic research process with reference to the most prominent scientists, an overview of their work, and their contribution to Lithuanian coleopteran faunal research. Species recorded in Lithuania by some authors without reliable evidence and requiring further confirmation with new data are presented in a separate list, consisting of 183 species. For the first time, analysis of errors in works of Lithuanian authors concerning data on coleopteran fauna has been conducted and these errors have been corrected. All available published and Internet sources on beetles found in Lithuania have been considered in the current study. Over 630 literature sources on species composition of beetles, their distribution in Lithuania and neighbouring countries, and taxonomic revisions and changes are reviewed and cited. An alphabetical list of these literature sources is presented. After revision of public beetle collections in Lithuania, the authors propose to remove 43 species from the beetle species list of the country on the grounds, that they have been wrongly identified or published by mistake. For reasons of clarity, 19 previously noted but later excluded species are included in the current checklist with comments. Based on faunal data from neighbouring countries, species expected to occur in Lithuania are matnioned. In total 1390 species are attributed to this category and data on their distribution in neighbouring countries is presented. Completion of this study provides evidence that the Lithuanian coleopteran fauna has yet to be completely investigated and it is estimated that approximately 28 % of beetle species remain undiscovered in Lithuania. More than 85% of beetle species expected for Lithuania have been found in the following families: Cerylonidae, Geotrupidae, Haliplidae, Kateridae, Lycidae, Lucanidae, Mycetophagidae, Scarabaeidae and Silphidae. In families with few species such as Alexiidae, Boridae, Byturidae, Dascilidae, Drilidae, Eucinetidae, Lampyridae, Lymexilidae, Megalopodidae, Nemonychidae, Nosodendridae, Noteridae, Orsodacnidae, Pyrochroidae, Pythidae, Psephenidae, Rhysodidae, Sphaeritidae, Sphaeriusidae, Sphindidae, Stenotrahelidae and Trogidae, all possible species have already been discovered. However in some beetle families such as Aderidae, Bothrideridae, Eucnemidae, Laemoploeidae, Mordellidae, Ptiliidae, Scraptidae and Throscidae less than 50% of all possible species are known. At present the beetle species recorded in Lithuania belong to 92 families, with species from 9 other families such as Agyrtidae, Biphylidae, Deradontidae, Mycteridae, Ochodaeidae, Phleophilidae, Phloeostichidae, Prostomidae, Trachypachidae are expected to be found. A bibliography and a index of subfamily and genus levels are provided. The information published in the monograph will serve to further faunistic and distribution research of beetles and will help to avoid confusion in the identificatation of coleopteran fauna of Lithuania.
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The data on 36 rare and insufficiently known leaf-beetle species in Lithuania are presented. Two species of them, Bruchidius villosus (Fabricius, 1792) and Longitarsus noricus (Leonardi, 1976), are mentioned for the local fauna for the first time. Spermophagus sericeus (Geoffroy, 1785) is removed from the list of Lithuanian Coleoptera. The first actual faunal data on Crioceris asparagi (Linnaeus, 1758), Cassida sanguinolenta Müller, 1776, Altica aenescens Weise, 1888, Altica brevicollis Foudras, 1861, Psylliodes attenuata (Koch, 1803), Psylliodes chrysocephala (Linnaeus, 1758), Psylliodes napi (Fabricius, 1792) and Psylliodes tricolor Weise, 1888 are presented and confirm the occurrence of these species in Lithuania. The records published in the current paper will complete information about distribution and bionomy of Chrysomelidae s. l. in Lithuania as well as in the whole Eastern Baltic region.Straipsnyje aprašomos 36 retos ir nepakankamai žinomos Lietuvoje aptinkamos lapgraužių rūšys. Dvi iš jų – Bruchidius villosus (Fabricius, 1792) ir Longitarsus noricus Leonardi 1976 – šalies faunai yra naujos. Kitos dvi rūšys, Spermophagus sericeus (Geoffroy, 1785), išbrauktos iš Lietuvos Coleoptera sąrašo. Pateikiami pirmi faktiniai faunistiniai duomenys apie Crioceris asparagi (Linnaeus, 1758), Cassida sanguinolenta Müller, 1776, Altica aenescens, Weise, 1888, A. brevicollis Foudras, 1861, Psylliodes attenuata (Koch, 1803), P. chrysocephala (Linnaeus 1758), P. napi (Fabricius, 1792) ir P. tricolor Weise, 1888 ir patvirtinamas šių rūšių buvimas Lietuvoje. Šie duomenys papildys informaciją apie Chrysomelidae s. l. pasiskirstymą ir bionomiją Lietuvoje ir visame Rytų Europos regione.
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Currently 3176 species of Coleoptera have been noted for Lithuania in various published sources. Additionally the information on 82 species is presented in this paper. Most of them was collected in different regions of Lithuania in the period 1976-2002 and are stored in the collections of Kaunas T. Ivanauskas Zoological museum and Vilnius University. The species Rhyziopertha dominica, Araecerus fasciculatus, Sitophilus oryzae have been detected in the food production (grain, cacao beans) imported in Lithuania from other countries.
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Analyzing insects collected from 20 cross-barrier pheromone baited spruce bark beetles trap, located in clearcuts in central and southern part of Lithuania during May-June 1999, total 187 beetle species were identified (827 specimens, excluding Ips typographus). Most abundant among those were representatives of Staphylinidae (25 species, 87 specimens), Carabidae (22 species, 65 specimens), Elateridae (20 species, 181 specimens), Cerambycidae (13 species, 72 specimens) and Scolytidae (13 species, 134 specomens). 13 species in Lithuania were reported for the first time: Rugilus scutellatus Motsch. (Staphylinidae), Odontogethes hebes Er., Meligethes bidens Brist. (Nitidulidae), Atomaria diluta Er. A. affinis Sahlb., A. umbrina Gyll., A. turgida Er. (Cryptophagidae), Corticaria foveola Beck. (Latriidae), Tribolium madens Charp. (Tenebrionidae), Pogonocherus hispidulus Pill. (Cerambycidae), Xyleborus cryptographus Ratz., Xyleborinus saxesenii Ratz., Ernoporus tiliae Panz. (Scolytidae).
Nerv ancl ralc firl Lirltrnnia bcctle (Coleopte ) slccies rexisterccl in I 97E 'lU I \\
  • R Ierelca
Ierelca R. 1004. Nerv ancl ralc firl Lirltrnnia bcctle (Coleopte ) slccies rexisterccl in I 97E 'lU I \\.\\.,t,,.r. rc t,,r lit.rr...rr.r 1..... t..i.,. cics 16: ll ll.
Clarlbidre ol theCzcchandS]orak repLrblics.-Zlirr. I)p. I 563
  • K Iiurke
IIurke K 1996 Clarlbidre ol theCzcchandS]orak repLrblics.-Zlirr. I)p. I 563.
lrarnilies rncl subfinrilies o1'Colcof tera (with selcucd -qco erit-notes. r'cltrcnces arcl clallr ou t'untilr, group nunrc-s). ln: I)akaLuk
  • Lalrcnce
  • A F Nenlon Nenlon A.F. 1995. lrarnilies rncl subfinrilies o1'Colcof tera (with selcucd -qco erit-notes. r'cltrcnces arcl clallr ou t'untilr, group nunrc-s). ln: I)akaLuk J.. Slrpiuski S.A ..l..tRr.,:.l'rtrl i.r).. i.......\.|.LrIt, L of Coleoptcra. Paper.s Celebratinrl thc 80" Llirthdal ol llol A. Lilo*son. \rol.2. \Vulszurva fp 77c) 1006.
!)99. hrdcLis l Lienn,os nrdikoliniLl !abalLl (Ciolcopte|a) fnrLnos paZiDitnll ( InprLt til linoq.lcclge ol lithrrrnina nidicolic bce tles) Ploceeclings o1' confirence I ietrrvos bioir arror i
  • Monscr
Monscr'iiiLrs V. )!)99. hrdcLis l Lienn,os nrdikoliniLl !abalLl (Ciolcopte|a) fnrLnos paZiDitnll ( InprLt til linoq.lcclge ol lithrrrnina nidicolic bce tles) Ploceeclings o1' confirence I ietrrvos bioir arror i (brrkle. struktLra. apsaugn)
Indelis 1 LictLrvos !rba1q (Col.olttera) 1'aunos paTini|r;1 (lnfUt to knou'Leclge of l-ithuanina beelles (Coleoptcla) iarrna)
  • S Pilecliis
Pilecliis S. 1960. Indelis 1 LictLrvos !rba1q (Col.olttera) 1'aunos paTini|r;1 (lnfUt to knou'Leclge of l-ithuanina beelles (Coleoptcla) iarrna). LZLiA mokslirriai <larbri 7: 303 334. (ln l-ithuanian).
I'1.r. I 216. (ln LithLranilrn: abshrcts rn Iing)ish and Russian)
  • Vilnrus
Vilnrus. I'1.r. I 216. (ln LithLranilrn: abshrcts rn Iing)ish and Russian).
Enumeratio nova Coleopteroruur Fennoscandiae, Daniae et Battiae, Sahlbergia 9: 1-1 I l
  • H Sillverberg
Sillverberg H. 2004. Enumeratio nova Coleopteroruur Fennoscandiae, Daniae et Battiae, Sahlbergia 9: 1-1 I l.