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On the stratigraphy of the Quaternary sediments of the Walvis Ridge and the Angola Basin (In Russian).



The distribution of the planktonic foraminiferal tests in six cores was studied. The following horizons were distinguished: 1. Holocene with the postglacial climatic optimum; 2. The horizons of two main stages and one interstadial of the Last Glaciation; 3. The horizon of the Last Interglaciation. The thickness ratios are the same as in the North Atlantic. The comparison of the fossil thanatocoenoses of the Walvis ridge region with the recent thanatocoenoses of the North Atlantic makes possible a supposition that the average year temperature of the upper water layer fell from 19 to 12— 13°C in the Walvis ridge region during the continental glaciations. The relation between the quantities of the left- and rightcoiling tests of the Gr. truncatuli’noides may be used for the stratigraphy of this region.
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