Design method and selection of light source in schlieren technology

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In the schlieren technology,the performance of light source exerts a great influence on the photography result. Different photograph results could be obtained with different kinds of light sources. Based on certain kind of measurement demand, the design and selection of light source should be considered specially. In the application of schlieren technology to practical measurement, the light source demand is analyzed for different measurement objects. The application characteristics are summarized for several kinds of schlieren light sources. A design method of light source parameters is presented. Supersonic free jet is measured and analyzed by the schlieren system with three kinds of light sources, tungsten-halogen lamp, xenon lamp and laser. This work could provide reference for the schlieren experiment design.

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A newly developed high-speed color video camera, which can record 103 frames at rates of up to 1 million frames per second, has been used to obtain time-resolved color schlieren visualizations of shock wave phenomena. These trials constitute the first successful time-resolved application of the direction-indicating color schlieren method with frame rates up to 125 kHz. The instabilities of a supersonic flow over a double cone were made visible in unprecedented clarity, and the potential of the camera for schlieren visualizations was further demonstrated in experiments showing the explosion of a small firecracker and the bursting of a helium-filled toy balloon.