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Advocacy for Children and Young People Experiencing Domestic Violence: findings from research

Advocacy for Children and Young People Experiencing
Domestic Violence: findings from research
Dr Joanne Westwood: University of Stirling
Dr Cath Larkins: University of Central Lancashire
Professor Nicky Stanley: University of Central Lancashire
Kerry Wilkinson, Faith Matunda and Angela Vart: project interns
Introduction: why advocacy for children and young
people experiencing/witnessing domestic violence
Impact of domestic violence on children
Existing services for children and young people: safeguarding
Advocacy for children who experience domestic violence: child and young
person focussed
The evaluation of the KIDVA service
Evaluation methods
Accessible and safe
Trust and confidentiality
Feeling listened to and respected
KIDVA range of skills
Relationships and friendships
Engaging in a range of activities
Well being safety and security
Key messages for commissioners: Advocacy for
children and young people exposed to or
experiencing domestic violence
Takes time to build up rapport and develop trust
Relationship based advocacy
Advocacy service providing information and advice, raising awareness
about domestic violence
Being accessible by children and young people
Facilitating access to other services
Peer activities and networks
Funding regimes and spot commissioning
A Lancashire wide service?
... These programs are currently being piloted and the early results from the process evaluation provide promising feedback from workers and children. Referrals were not accepted where child protection issues were the focus, though the KIDVA liaised closely with the child protection worker to make appropriate referrals where there were concerns for the child's safety (Westwood & Larkin, 2015). ...
Technical Report
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The PATRICIA project focuses on the relationship between statutory child protection, family law, and community- based services which seek to support women and children exposed to domestic violence. This review aims to address the following research question: What processes or practices do child protection services and specialist domestic violence services or family law engage in so that they can work better together to improve service responses for women and children living with and separating from family violence?
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