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Quaternary palaeoceanography of the Atlantic



The method of foraminifers analysis in the combination with other methods of the research of oceanic sediments permits reconstructions of main features of the complex Quaternary paleoceanography in the Atlantic. The Quaternary climatic regime fluctuations of the Earth and, in particular, in the Atlantic, obviously resulted from the fluctuations of the astronomical factors. Cores of oceanic sediments verify that the astronomical fluctuations of the insolation were really manifested in climatic fluctuations. The spectra estimated by the oxygen-isotope curves for planktonic and benthic foraminifera tests, by variations in the ratio of radiolaria and foraminifera spe¬cies, by CaCO3 concentration, and by summer and winter temperature curves reconstructed from planktonic foraminifera also show maxima for periods of 19, 23, 41 and 100 th.y. Climatic and paleotemperature fluctuations in different parts of the Atlantic are discussed.
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