Creating federal innovative platform for dissemination of model and ideology of advanced development of university adaptive chess education

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According to the data of the Federal Service of State Statistics, 59,24% of pupils of comprehensive institutions suffer from some pathology. The present paper concerns the establishment of a federal innovative platform for dissemination of the model and ideology of advanced development of adaptive chess education at Russian State Social University with the use of the project-target approach. The concept was formed and adaptive chess sport was tested as an innovative way of modernization of inclusive education in Russia. 1018 students with impairments were subject to an experiment. During the training innovative information and communication didactic means were tested including: the "Anatoly Karpov's Chess Lessons" software package, the Thinking in schemes" electronic database, the "Chess test" office software. 52 students fulfilled the standards for chess sports degree in the Internet in the course of local and distance training sessions.

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... For the social rehabilitation of people with LHC and disabilities, it is necessary to improve the intellectual and emotional-volitional sphere of an individual, where, along with the needs of motor activity, there is a need for psychophysical activity in actualizing one's intellectual potential (Safiullin & Alifirov, 2016). A complex scientific group (CSG) of the researchers from the Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture and Sports of Russian State Social University (RSSU) suggested that the use of chess as a means and model of training, sport and recreation for people with LHC and disabilities can be a full-fledged specific type of adaptive physical education (Mikhaylova, Makhov, & Alifirov, 2015). Practical implementation of the pedagogical and heuristic potential of chess as a social rehabilitation technology can contribute to the all-round development of individuals as well as to the evolvement of highly organized thinking and deep internal culture (, ...
... In the process of distance training, all the main types of information services were used, namely: e-mail; teleconferences; data transfer (FTP servers); hypertext environments (www servers); Internet chess resources. Seventeen chess players with musculoskeletal disorders, seven chess players with visual impairments and four -with hearing impairments attended the lectures (Mikhaylova, Makhov, & Alifirov, 2015). During the training 8 chess and psychological tests were conducted. ...
... The main objectives of therapeutic physical culture in bronchial asthma: to reduce the spasm of the bronchi; strengthen the respiratory muscles to prevent the development of emphysema; increase neuropsychic tone; increase the adaptation of the body to increasing physical exertion; improve pulmonary ventilation; increase blood circulation; to improve the activation of tissue metabolism and redox processes in the body 55,56 . ...
Currently, research continues on various aspects of pathogenesis, clinical manifestations and treatment of patients with bronchial asthma at various stages of its course. This pathology is considered as one of the central problems of medicine and rehabilitology, to which theorists of medical science, clinicians and rehabilitologists pay considerable attention. Despite this, the steady increase in the prevalence of this disease continues. There is an increase in the number of severe, drug-resistant forms of the disease. It becomes clear that for taking control of bronchial asthma, it is necessary to pay special attention to improving the applied approaches to the rehabilitation of this category of patients with the help of non-medicinal drugs. Today there is a fairly extensive list of traditional and modern methods of rehabilitation for diseases of the respiratory system. It becomes clear that the central place in these methods for the rehabilitation of patients with bronchial asthma should be physical exercises. To date, they are recognized as very effective in terms of recovery of patients with this pathology. They are used in the rehabilitation system for bronchial asthma is most often justified in the form of physiotherapy exercises. To enhance the rehabilitation effect of physical exertion, they should be combined in such patients with physiotherapy, climatotherapy and massage. This complex of rehabilitation has proved itself to be quite effective in terms of eliminating bronchospasm and normalizing the functional state of the respiratory system. Proper conduct of complex physical rehabilitation in bronchial asthma in most cases can stabilize the course of the disease and bring it into a state of stable remission.
... Throughout the ontogenesis, the human body has been under the constant effect of various environmental impacts [1][2][3][4][5] . This effect can be healthy and restorative 6,7 and can have a negative impact 8,9 , contributing to the formation of dysfunctions in all body systems 10,11 . ...
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In modern urbanized conditions, the human population is experiencing a constant effect of various exogenous factors - social, economic, environmental. That is quite a challengeto determine the leading or dominant influence factorof the current total. At the same time, there is no doubt that environmental impacts on the human population adversely affect the population health. Human habitation in highly polluted ambient air leads to the diseases of respiratory, nervous and circulatory system, and may contribute to the exacerbations of existing diseases and shorten the life. The health of population residing under the continuous long-term negative environmental impact is progressively worsening. This study considers biogas formed in landfill mass of municipal solid wastelandfills as an environmental impact. We created ecological pyramids with characteristics dependencies of the anthropogenic factor and human population in thebiogas dispersion areas. The study gives a mathematical description of the human body response to effect from exposure to high levels of pollutants in ambient air. © 2019 Oriental Scientific Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
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