Jstor's "data for research": A bibliometric analysis of mathematics in economics

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The "Data for Research" (DfR) service facilitates bibliometric studies of key terms and phrases that appear in the full text of JSTOR articles. This platform provides faceted searches that supplement JSTOR's standard search engine, exemplifying how a full text data base enables data mining for the average end-user. We provide a comparison with existing full-text databases, illustrate the mathematization of economics, and suggest a few possible future enhancements.

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... Rousseau categorised these obligations into the categories of transactional (high pay and career advancement in exchange for hard work) and relational (exchanging job security for loyalty and a minimum length of 4 CiteRank is the ranking algorithm used by JSTOR which measures an articles citation network (King, Simboli, & Rom, 2012) 12 2.1 State of the Literature The results for the first query indicate that Caldwell had the second most articles published. Due to the unrestricted nature of the query it returned results containing articles that did not deal specifically with psychological contracts. ...
Psychological contracts provide a framework for understanding the employment relationship. The literature on psychological contracts has focused on the relationship of a focal-employee with a ’unitary employer’. This thesis employees the target-similarity model, proposed by Lavelle, Rupp, and Brockner (2007), to extend the psychological contract frame- work to include the foci-specific psychological contracts a focal-person establishes with his/her organisation, supervisor, and peers. Three independent studies were carried out for this thesis. The first two studies concurrently tested the effects of foci-specific psychological contracts breach on work-related outcomes. The first study investigated the effect of foci-specific psychological contracts breach on OCBs directed at the specific foci. The results from this study indicate that foci-specific psychological contract breach had a target-similarity effect on the OCBs directed at the foci breaching the psychological contract. Results from this study also indicate that the psychological contract breach by the supervisor has a spill-over effect on the OCBs directed at the organisation and the peers. The results from the second study also confirmed that the foci-specific psychological contract breach had a target-similarity effect on the focal-person’s satisfaction with the foci breaching the psychological contract. Results from this study also confirmed that foci-specific psychological contract breach had spillover effect on the focal-person’s satisfaction with the various organisational foci. Study three was de- signed to empirically test the effects of peer-to-peer psychological con- tract breach on a focal-person’s satisfaction with his/her peers. The results from this study included the identification of the content of the peer- to-peer psychological contract, and confirmed the negative relationship between the breach of peer-to-peer psychological contracts and satisfaction with peers. Implications for the psychological contract theory, future research, and practice are discussed at the end of the thesis.
... The arXiv documentation addresses issues about text mining, but it would be helpful to have a publicly accessible tool that enables the fascinating type of arXiv research that (Hand 2012) describes. arXiv could take a cue from JSTOR; concerning its tool to trace and visualize the history of a concept, (see King et al. 2012). (Pepe 2017, p. 4) mentions: ...
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New thinking needs to emerge about how to reform publishing along lines that best meet two perennial needs of scientific communication. This paper discusses a model that addresses these two needs with respect to physics. Given the considerable barriers that its realization in pristine form faces, the model aspires merely to be a heuristic or guidepost. It provides an analytical framework for criticizing aspects of the current publishing ecosystem, helps diagnose problems in current efforts to reform it, including those emanating from the open access movement, and raises consciousness about certain emphases that could gradually enrich scholarly publishing. Also, it suggests bibliometric research agendas, new or further work on which can help sharpen the views in the essay. [VERSION 2 , 5/19/2019; VERSION 3 PENDING.]
... 37 Like Spengler (1968), Hausman (1992) comments that economists should be more receptive to inputs from other disciplines. See King, Simboli and Rom (2012) on the growth of mathematics in 20th century economics. ...
Economists debate whether influences on their work are external (“exogenous”) to it or reflect dynamics internal (“endogenous”) to their discipline.This paper argues that a hybrid view that recognizes both types of influence most accurately describes the activity of economists engaged in practical sub-disciplines. To support the hybrid approach, we discuss three generations of the debate -- primarily sociological in approach -- on the relative roles of endogenous and exogenous influences, each generation improving on the previous. The post-WWII history of international economic development theory provides a case study.This debate has important implications for the practice of economics. Economists need awareness of the historical forces and philosophical assumptions that influence their work. This helps them avoid undue reliance on endogenously-developed theoretical and mathematical models.We conclude that an explicit turn from sociology to philosophy will enrich understanding of the debate, especially by showing the proper scope of economics compared to other disciplines.
Assessing the impact of astronomical facilities rests upon an evaluation of the scientific discoveries which their data have enabled. Telescope bibliographies, which link data products with the literature, provide a way to use bibliometrics as an impact measure for the underlying data. In this paper we argue that the creation and maintenance of telescope bibliographies should be considered an integral part of an observatory's operations. We review the existing tools, services, and workflows which support these curation activities, giving an estimate of the effort and expertise required to maintain an archive-based telescope bibliography.
This paper complements the findings of Atal, Ñopo and Winder (2009) on gender and ethnic wage gaps for 18 Latin American countries circa 2005 by analyzing gender wage gaps for the same countries between circa 1992 and circa 2007. During this span the overall gender earnings gaps dropped about 7 percentage points, while the unexplained component dropped between 3 and 4 percentage points, depending on the control variables used. The gap declined most notably among workers at the bottom of the earnings distribution, with children at home, the self-employed, part-time workers and those in rural areas—the segments of the labor market that were previously reported as having the highest unexplained gender disparities. Most of the reduction in unexplained gaps occurred within segments rather than due to the composition of labor markets. The paper additionally finds a limited role for job tenure in explaining gender wage gaps.