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  • Institut za poljoprivredu i turizam / Institute of Agriculture and Tourism
  • Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, Porec, Croatia


Evaluation and exhibition of agricultural food products are one of the means how producers can confirm the quality of their products and present themselves to their regular and potential consumers. Farmers' markets have existed around the world for centuries but many of them disappeared with the appearance of supermarkets. In recent years, in Croatia an increase in the number of exhibition and trade show related to agricultural and food product has happened, but also the growing interest of farmers and buyers, local residents and tourists, to purchase such products. The paper considers the role of evaluation and events of honey in the Istrian region since the beginning of their uniting as a part of rural tourism. Evaluation and presentation of honey in Istria was first organized in the county exhibition VINISTRA in Porec in 199, until 2004 when the regional government decided that the event of honey can be organized independently. From the year 2006 honey event were moved to Pazin and organized under the title "Days of Honey". From a tourism perspective, exhibition of agricultural food products have the potential to generate regular and repeat visits from high spending visitors who are seeking quality foods produced by local producers, in contrast to the products that can be found in supermarkets. In the paper, in order to determine the trends, standard statistical methods were used for data analyzing of the participation of beekeepers and honey at all evaluations over the past 13 years. In addition, participants’ opinions and thinking about these events were analyzed as well as generally the role and possibilities of such events in the popularization and development of these activities on the promotion of the area in which the events are organized.
... Istria's developed offerings of wine roads, olive oil roads, various festivals, and culinary events focus on the region's typical food and agricultural products. In Croatia in 2011 there were 72 food festivals organized mainly in the summertime [11]. The majority of these events are held in summer because Croatian tourism has a seasonal character, which leads to the conclusion that such events are mostly touristoriented. ...
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Traditional food and beverage can improve a destination's attractiveness and facilitate the creation of authentic local and cultural identity, while improving the tourist experience. Food and beverage festivals are interesting for tourists, but also for local residents, who are an understudied segment in this field. The intensity of the link between traditional foods and residents has grown because of the many festivals that promote traditional cuisine. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the characteristics and motivation of local residents towards visiting traditional food exhibitions. The survey was conducted on a sample of 133 visitors, during the Histria Food and Beverage Exhibition held in Pula, Croatia. Results indicate that buying is the main motivation of the local population, which is willing to pay 20-30% more for traditional food and beverages than for other products. Regarding product characteristics, respondents gave the highest importance to quality and tradition, while the least important attribute is design and packaging.
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