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An aspidoderid round worm Pseudaspidodera cordinae n.sp.from rodents at Allahabad

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The two years consecutive study were conducted on the wild rodents, Rattus rattus (Rodentia: Muridae) from different urban locality of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India, for the investigation of helminthes infection. The nemic fauna isolated from the small intestine of hosts were processed and analyzed through the high efficiency light microscope. The round worms were characterized and identified as genera Heterakis (Nematoda: Heterakidae) by the typical of morphological generic diagnostic features as presence of well developed caudal alae supported by pedunculate papillae and precloacal sucker with chitinus rim and absence of cervical cordon and gubernaculums. The morphotaxometric statistical analyses were worked out with earlier described species of Heterakis from different vertebrate hosts. The level of morphotaxometric differences were validated by the application of most modern statistical tool, Polythetic divisive classificatory system and found to be significant. Thereby, on the basis of distinct morphological characteristics and differences, authors consider the roundworm species as new species Heterakis equispiculis n.sp. named after spicules size.
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