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Interpreting the Challenges of China's Rapid Urbanization

Article (PDF Available)  · December 2015with101 Reads
Yushu Zhu at University of British Columbia - Vancouver
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  • University of British Columbia - Vancouver
Rapid urbanization is changing the social order in China. This essay will focus especially on two aspects of this change: the twin phenomena of the urban-rural divide and its expression within cities as disparities between locals and migrants. We examine the situation in part through a comparative lens: Is China like any other country in our experience? We will take the case of urbanization in the United States a century earlier and Brazil more recently to point out similarities and differences. We also apply a theoretical lens: what are the fundamental causes of the patterns we see in China, and what general theory of societal change best helps us to interpret it?
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June 2014
    Drawing on case studies of three urban villages in China, with special attention to residential experience of rural migrants, this paper seeks to link the discourse of the right to the city to the political rhetoric of contemporary urbanism in China. The concept of ‘right to city space’ is introduced, which emphasizes the spatial attributes of the right to the city. I first argue that China’s... [Show full abstract]
    March 2015
      As a rapidly growing economic power, China has recently experienced internal transformations in terms of housing. In this post, Yushu Zhu discusses her research on contemporary neighbourhood communal spaces in China, and argues that these spaces foster grassroots participation by enabling place-based social relations among local residents and neighbourhood attachment. Read more at... [Show full abstract]
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