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The calculation of the spectral reflectance in the range of the AVHRR channel 3 of NOAA satellites and its application severe storm studies

A method of the AVHRR (NDAA satellites) data processing, which was prepared for utilization in objective analysis of the relative humidity for the limited area prediction of precipitation, is described and partly evaluated here.
Results of experiments including both the objective analysis of the relative humidity and the objective analysis of cloud parameters from TEMP, SYNOP, AVHRR and TOVS data are summarized. The suitability and appropriateness of different combinations of features for the class selection and the object classification from the AVHRR imagery are investigated. Results of different methods of the image processing are mutually compared, further they are compared with the subjective evaluation, with cloud parameters estimated from results obtained during computations of vertical temperature profiles using radiative transfer equation and finally with the objective analysis of the relative humidity for different choices of weighting functions and other parameters of the analysis process. The aim is to verify experimentally possibilities of the direct operational use of the processed imagery in the objective weather forecasting and in the numerical modelling of the phenomena in mesoscale.
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