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The Mentor Mirror is a "reverse" individual development plan (IDP) for the advisors of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The traditional IDP is focused on the actions of the student/mentee. This document allows the professor/advisor/mentor to reflect upon her/his goals for the mentee's success. The full explanation can be found here:
Presented at the 2015 SREB Institute for Teaching and Mentoring/Compact for Faculty Diversity with Dr.
Christine Grant. Adapted from, pp. 6-7.
A Reverse Individual Development Plan for Mentors
Renetta Tull, Ph.D.
When you mentor undergraduates, graduate students, or postdocs, consider the following questions.
The key is be sure that all mentees in your group receive comprehensive attention.
1. What are your goals for the students/postdocs in your group?
2. Identify goals for each student by name, based on what you know about their aspirations, and what
you would like to see for them in 10 years? 20 years?
3. What did you do to meet similar goals in the past?
4. What do you need to do to reach the goals above in the future?
5. How are you helping your mentees to acquire new technical expertise?
6. What are you doing to assist your students/postdocs with developing a strong record of scholarship
such that they will have at least 2-3 publications by graduation?
7. For which honors/awards will you nominate your students/postdocs?
8. Which national and international meetings will you finance and attend with your
9. If you partner with other organizations to provide some of the professional development, how do
you follow-up with your students to assess their competencies?
10. What else do you need to do with your students/postdocs to prepare them to be your colleague,
and to be colleagues with your collaborators?
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