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We analyze the mathematical vision behind the wings of the angel Gabriel, in a Renaissaance painting, the Cortona Annunciation of Fra Angelico. In the context of the Renaisance mathematics of perspective and conic sections, the flapping wings generate a family of toroids. We interpret this image as a painterly representation of the three-sphere of Dante. As such, this geometrical vision of Fra Angelico presaged seminal works of modern mathematics, such as the Hopf fibration.
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Qualitative similarities and differences Unitary: Language of Topology Unitary: Language of I Ching Unitary: Language of Kama Sutra Binary: Topology ∞ Kama Sutra Binary: I Ching ∞ Topology Binary: Kama Sutra ∞ I Ching Ternary complementarity of metaphorical language Triangulation of incommensurable concepts for global configuration Triadic psychosocial traction: en-kno-belle? Metaphor initiatives
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