Speed training in young tennis players

Revista Internacional de Medicina y Ciencias de la Actividad Fisica y del Deporte (Impact Factor: 0.15). 09/2009; 9(35):254-264.
Source: OAI


Unlike many other sports which may require high levels of one or two physical capacities, tennis requires high performance of most capacities, such as speed, strength, power, agility, or aerobic endurance. The aim of this paper was to show the current tendencies and recommendations on speed training in "Under 12 years old" level tennis players (aged 10-12). Specific speed training in tennis must have three main priorities: the improvement of reaction time; the achievement of quicker movements; a more dynamic feet activity; explosivity on the attack; and the increase of acyclical gestural velocity. To sum up, in terms of speed, tennis is a sport characterised by acyclical work. Therefore, great speed is required for its strokes and movements.

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